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[OʻAHU] UPDATED 9/22/23: Kaʻena Point State Park – Mākua-Keawaʻula Section - DOT Makaha Bridge Replacement Project will affect access to Kaʻena Point State Park, Mākua-Keawaʻula Section. The Mākua-Keawaʻula Section will be CLOSED from Sept. 29-Oct. 1. See Kaʻena site for more details and updates.

[O’AHU] UPDATED 7/12/23: Sand Island State Recreation Area – WATER OFFLINE, in the park, facilities impacted. See Sand Island site for updates.

Demolition on Diamond Head Summit Proceeding On Schedule

Posted on Nov 2, 2021

Demolition workers have successfully removed the top portion of one of two structures that are being removed from the summit of Diamond Head Crater. 

As of this morning, on the adjoining second structure, a pair of workers, using jack hammers have knocked more than half of the top down. Once the roofs are demolished, work will begin on their support columns. 

The rectangular structures were built toward the end of WWII or in the early 1950’s. While visitors will miss the shade they provided, they were not part of the original complex of fire control stations constructed prior to the the first world war. The demolition this week will result in a more natural profile for the top of the crater in the Diamond Head State Monument. 

The DLNR Division of State Parks is bringing the pair of structures down, during a park closure that started Monday and will last through Friday. Diamond Head State Monument will reopen on Saturday, but the very top of the summit platform will be closed periodically for the next two weeks. Visitors will still be able to enjoy picturesque coastal views from just below the summit while repair work continues.

On Thursday and Friday, a helicopter will be used to lift heavy bags of broken concrete and other materials down into the crater to be trucked out for disposal. 

Repairs are also underway this week in the tunnel at the top of the 99 stairs. Both the tunnel and the structures being taken down at the top of the crater have experienced concrete spalling. That can pose a safety hazard. 

Diamond Head Demolition Update, Nov. 2, 2021 from Hawaii DLNR on Vimeo.