Lava Tree State Monument
Photo Credit: Sean Newsome

Lava Tree State Monument

12/6/18 - LAVA TREE STATE MONUMENT REOPENS AFTER SEVEN-MONTH-LONG CLOSURE. The state park within eyesight of the East Rift Zone’s Fissure 8 was closed shortly after Kīlauea began erupting in May 2018. The lava flows did got close to the park but never actually reached it. The park sustained damage from earthquakes, and repairs have been completed. The park remains open to the public.

Hours Daily During Daylight Hours
Entrance Fee None
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Viewing of an excellent example of a forest of lava trees along an 0.7 mile loop trail. This unusual volcanic feature is the result of a lava flow that swept through this forested area and left behind lava molds of the tree trunks. Picnicking opportunities. (17.1 acres)