Hāʻena & Nāpali Coast Access Information
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Covid-19 Protocols: Please wear a mask when in groups, maintain social distancing, and be respectful of others. Aloha, Hawaii State Parks


PARK UPDATES: 5/21/21 - [OAHU] - The Keawaula gate at Kaena Point is now open on weekends. Gate hours are Saturdays: 6:00am to 7:00pm, and Sundays: 9:00am to 7:00pm. No overnight use allowed.


5/17/21  - [OAHU] -  The closure of Waahila Ridge State Recreation Area has been extended through June 11, 2021. The park will be completely closed during the weekdays and technically open on the weekends however the gates will remain closed to parking and vehicle traffic. 


4/19/21 - [ALL ISLANDS] - Entrance AND parking fees are now required for non-residents at several parks across the islands including: [KAUAI] Haena, Kokee, Waimea Canyon, [OAHU] Diamond Head, Nuuanu Pali, [MAUI] Iao Valley, Makena, Waianapanapa, and [HAWAII] Akaka Falls, Hapuna Beach.  Non-resident visitors will be required to pay for both entry and parking.


3/29/21 - [KAUAI] - The Kalalau Trail reservation system is open again. Reservations are available 30-days in-advance. Park Entry and Parking reservations for morning and midday are available. Sunset-time reservations are currently not available.


3/1/21 - [MAUI] - Waianapanapa State Park - Entry and Parking Reservations are now required for all non-residents. For reservations go to www.gowaianapanapa.com

Hāʻena & Nāpali Coast Access Information


Hāʻena State Park: Hāʻena State Park (SP) is now subject to daily visitor limits and visitation requires advanced reservations. Park users are required to make online reservations prior to arrival for walk-in & bike-in entry, private vehicle parking, or shuttle transportation. State of Hawaiʻi residents are not subject to the new park fees or reservation system. See below for information regarding the Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park (SWP), the Kalalau Trail, as well as, Hanakāpīʻai beach, stream and waterfalls. For more information regarding the recent park improvements and access please see the Hāʻena State Park webpage and the Hāʻena State Park Master Plan.


NOTE: Day-Use Parking and Entry Reservations at Haena State Park are available for purchase 30-days in advance.

Parking reservations are only good for the time slots indicated during purchase. If you want to park for longer than one time slot, you need to purchase additional reservations. For example, if you want to be at the from park opening until closing (sunset), you’ll need to purchase all three time slots. Not all time slots may be available on a given date.  Be prepared to present a valid (printed or digital) parking voucher with the appropriate date and time upon entrance. PLEASE NOTE: *Effective for April 19th 2021 and all dates beyond April 19th, non-residents will need to purchase both entry and parking reservations. Entry reservations will be required for everyone in the vehicle and parking reservations will no longer cover all passengers in the vehicle.

Hanakāpīʻai Beach & Waterfalls: In order to hike to Hanakāpīʻai beach & Hanakāpīʻai waterfall visitors need to purchase a Park Entry Reservation or Day-Use Parking Reservation for Hāʻena SP.  PLEASE NOTE: *Effective April 19th 2021 for all dates beyond April 19th, non-residents will need to purchase both entry and parking reservations. Entry reservations will be required for everyone in the vehicle and parking reservations will no longer cover all passengers in the vehicle.  

After reaching Hāʻena SP visitors can then hike along a portion of the famous Kalalau Trail towards Hanakāpīʻai valley. Once visitors reach Hanakāpīʻai there are a few options: enjoy lounging by the stream, relax by the beach, or head “mauka” (inland) to visit Hanakāpīʻai waterfalls. If you want to continue hiking along the Kalalau Trail past Hanakāpīʻai valley you need to purchase a camping permit for Nāpali Coast SWP. The hike from Hāʻena SP to Hanakāpīʻai stream & beach is roughly 4-miles round trip. Hanakāpīʻai ‘falls is roughly 8-miles round trip from Hāʻena SP.

Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park & Kalalau Trail: The Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park is a rugged and remote wilderness park and is home to the famous Kalalau Trail. The Kalalau Trail is a breathtaking 11-mile hiking trail that extends from the trailhead at Hāʻena State Park through the Nāpali Coast SWP to Kalalau Valley. The first section of the Kalalau Trail is the 2-mile stretch from Hāʻena SP to Hanakāpīʻai valley. For a description of the Kalalau Trail click the following link: Kalalau Trail Description.

  • If you have a valid Camping Permit for the Nāpali Coast SWP and you plan on parking your car overnight or during the day, you need to reserve an overnight parking spot or reserve multiple parking timeslots for day-use parking.  You do not need to make a park entry reservation for Hāʻena SP.
  • Overnight Parking at Hāʻena State Park is now available for those with valid Nāpali Coast Camping Permits. Overnight Parking spots are purchased separately from camping permits and are available through gohaena.com. Note: Overnight parking spots are available for purchase up to 30-days in advance. Users will be charged for the number of days your vehicle occupies the lot (e.g. a 1-night stay requires paying for 2-days, a 4-night stay will require paying for 5-days, etc.).
  • Overnight parking at Aliʻi Kai Resort in Princeville is now available in coordination with the North Shore Shuttle. For more information please call (808) 826-9988
  • Overnight campers for the Nāpali Coast SWP must either:
    1. Arrive by shuttle (click here: https://kauainsshuttle.com/)
    2. Arrange for private drop-off.
    3. Reserve overnight parking.

Nāpali Coast SWP Camping Permits: Camping permits will be made available at the discretion of the Division of State Parks for periods when there is anticipated to be no concerns accessing the parks. We understand these permits are in high-demand and that scheduling remains difficult during these times.


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