Hāʻena State Park
Haena kalo

Hāʻena State Park

2/26/19: Haena State Park, as well as, the Kalalau trail remain closed indefinitely. Please see below for more details.

Hours Daily During Daylight Hours
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Hāʻena State Park is Closed Indefinitely for Repairs in the Wake of Historic Flood of April 2018

Haena State Park Construction, Media Clips from Hawaii DLNR on Vimeo.

In April  2018, the Island of Kauaʻi experienced unprecedented rainfall, topping 50″ in two days in some locations.  The North Shore region, from Hanalei to Napali,  was particularly hard hit.  Multiple landslides along the shoreline Kuhiō Highway damaged the main artery and forced closure of the route accessing the rural community and parks beyond Hanalei.  The highway is being repaired and is not expected to reopen until sometime in 2019.

11/2018 UPDATE: Repairs and upgrades to make Hāʻena State Park more resilient to future floods, as well as to address public safety and accessibility issues, have begun. A replacement parking lot will be installed with a revised entry to accommodate a long-envisioned shuttle stop. This is an integral part of a desired transportation scheme to alleviate north shore traffic, and is supported by the recently completed Hāʻena State Park Master Plan. Both the improvements, and a new management scheme, including visitor limits, will be in place prior to the reopening of the park sometime in 2019.

The timeline for park repairs and construction is presently estimated to extend into 2019. Repairs of the damaged Kalalau Trail, consisting of washed-out trail sections, debris accumulation, and dense vegetation growth obscuring the route, will be initiated soon and it’s hoped to do this work in the same time-frame as the Hāʻena park repairs.

Both parks remain closed indefinitely.

Hāʻena State Park Master Plan/EIS Documents

5/18 – State Parks and their Planning Consultant, in collaboration with the Ha’ena State Park Community Advisory Committee, have worked diligently to modify the proposed park master plan and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) following community input on the draft EIS.  Community feedback was received at a public meeting and a subsequent open house, and the plan has been scaled back to lessen the development footprint in the park, while addressing critical infrastructure as well as vehicle and pedestrian access and overcrowding, a major  concern for residents.

The Hāʻena State Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement was accepted by Governor Ige on June 25 2018, and the Hāʻena State Park Master Plan was  approved by DLNR Charperson Suzanne Case on August 13, 2018 on behalf of the Board of Land and Natural Resources:

Exhibit 1: Ha‘ena State Park Master Plan Final Report (33 mb)

Exhibit 2: Ha‘ena State Park Master Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement (97 mb)

Exhibit 3: Ha’ena State Park Master Plan Draft Appendices (33 mb) 

Exhibit 4: Ha’ena State Park Master Plan Background Research and Analysis (95 mb)


Additional Reference Documents:

Master Plan (Graphic, 3.3 mb)

Master Plan Executive Summary (text, 172 kb)