Staff Contacts

Michael Cain
[email protected]
(w): 808.587.0375               (c): 808.798.6912

Sharleen Kuba
[email protected]
(w): 808.587.0377

K. Tiger Mills
(w): 808.587.0382               (c): 808.798.7409
Trevor Fitzpatrick
(w): 808.587.0378               (c): 808.798.6660
Alyssa Accardo
(w): 808.587.0348               (c): 808.583-3916
Kariann Stark
(w): 808.587.0380               (c): 808.583-3913
Mari Kurosawa
(w): 808.587.0381               (c): pending
Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Agents
Amy Wirts
(w): 808.587.0376               (c): 808.798.7556
Bradley Romine, PhD
(w): 808.956.3013
Coastal Lands Specialist
Cal Miyahara
(w): 808.587.0373               (c): 808.798.6147
Legal Fellow
Kanani Smull
(w): 808.587.0379               (c): 808.636.6671
Climate Coordinator
Leah Laramee
(w): 808.587.0391               (c):  808.895.1477

PLEASE NOTE: email addresses are provided for your convenience for informal requests of information only. Email will not be considered official correspondence. For any matter requiring an official reply, please send a letter to the mailing address shown above. Thank you.