Maunakea Management

A collection of documents relating to the management of Maunakea lands


Table 1: Management plans and annual reports

CMP 2023 ReportApril 2023Comprehensive Management Plan 2023 Annual Progress Report
Correspondence CMS to MKSOA and BLNRAugust 2023Correspondence from CMS regarding Act 255 implementation
CMP 2022 Supplement Volume 1, Volume 2; Staff ReportMay 2022Comprehensive Management Plan 2022 Supplement: Management Actions
CMP 2022 Report January 2022Comprehensive Management Plan 2022 Annual Report
CMP 2021 ReportJanuary 20212021 Annual Progress Report and Outcome Analysis Report,
CMP 2020 ReportDecember 2020Comprehensive Management Plan 2020 Annual Report
CMP 2019 ReportDecember 2019Comprehensive Management Plan 2019 Annual Report
CMP 2018 ReportJanuary 2019Comprehensive Management Plan 2018 Annual Report
Board Briefing; written commentsJanuary 2018Board Briefing on Maunakea Management
CMP 2017 ReportAugust 2017Comprehensive Management Plan 2017 Annual Report
CMP 2016 ReportSeptember 2016Comprehensive Management Plan 2016 Annual Report
CMP 2015 ReportJune 2015Comprehensive Management Plan 2015 Annual Report
CMP 2014 ReportApril 2014Comprehensive Management Plan 2014 Annual Report
CMP 2013 ReportApril 2013Comprehensive Management Plan 2013 Annual Report
CMP 2012 ReportApril 2012Comprehensive Management Plan 2012 Annual Report
CMP 2011 ReportApril 2011Comprehensive Management Plan 2011 Annual Report
CMP 2010 ReportApril 2010Comprehensive Management Plan 2010 Annual Report
Decommissioning PlanJanuary 2010Decommissioning Plan for the Mauna Kea Observatories
Public Access Plan January 2010Public Access Plan for the UH Management Areas on Mauna Kea
Cultural Resources PlanOctober 2009A Cultural Resources Management Plan for the University of Hawaii Management Areas on Mauna Kea
Natural Resources PlanSeptember 2009Natural Resources Management Plan for the UH Management Areas on Mauna Kea
CMP Report to BLNRApril 2009Board of Land and Natural Resources approval of Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan;
Maunakea CMPApril 2009Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan, Appendices
Maunakea CMP, appendicesApril 2009Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan, Appendices


Table 2: Independent evaluation of the implementation of the Comprehensive Management Plan by Ku’iwalu

ReportDecember 2020Independent Evaluation of the Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan
Appendices A 1-5 December 2020Appendices A 1-5. Community engagement
Appendix A 6December 2020Appendix A 6. Comments related to CMP evaluation
Appendix A 7December 2020Appendix A 7. OMKM 2020 Annual Report to the BLNR
Appendix B December 2020Appendix B. Evaluation tables
Appendix CDecember 2020Appendix C. References


Table 3: Reports from the State Office of the Auditor

Report No. 19-15November 2019Report on the Implementation of State Auditor's Recommendations 2014-2017
Report No. 17-06July 2017Follow-Up on Recommendations from Report No. 14-07, Follow-Up Audit of the Management of Mauna Kea and the Mauna Kea Science Reserve
Report No. 14-07August 2014Follow-Up Audit of the Management of Mauna Kea and the Mauna Kea Science Reserve
Report No. 05-13December 2005Follow-Up Audit of the Management of the Mauna Kea Science Reserve
Report No. 98-6 February 1998 Audit of the Management of Mauna Kea and the Mauna Kea Science Reserve


Table 4: Conservation District Use Permits and Applications

CDUP 3880January 2022Caltech Submillimeter Array Decommissioning (staff report)
CDUP 3812June 2018Infrastructure improvements at the Maunakea Visitor Center
CDUP 3568September 2017Thirty Meter Telescope (Decision and Order)
CDUP 2728November 1994Smithsonian Submillimeter Array
CDUP 2691April 1994Gemini North
CDUP 2509August 1992Keck II
CDUP 2462October 1991Subaru Telescope
CDUP 2174January 1989Very Long Baseline Array
CDUP 1819February 1986Hale Pohaku subdivision and construction workers camp
CDUP 1646September 1984Keck I
CDUP 1515February 1983James Clark Maxwell Telescope
CDUP 1492December 1982Cal Tech Submillimeter Observatory
CDUP 1430April 1982Hale Pohaku Midlevel Facilities and Visitor Center
CDUP 0954September 1977Air Force Telescope, Planetary Patrol Telescope, 2.2 Meter Telescope (after-the-fact)
CDUP 0895May 1977Hale Pohaku dormitories
CDUP 0781May 1976UKIRT dormitory at Hale Pohaku
CDUP 0653September 1975United Kingdom Infrared Telescope; NASA InfraRed Telescope Facility
CDUP 0537June 1974Mauna Kea Access Road
CDUP 0527May 1974Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope