Aloha from DLNR!

Mission Statement

The OCCL is responsible for overseeing approximately 2 million acres of private and public lands that lie within the State Land Use Conservation District. In addition, to privately and publicly zoned Conservation District lands, OCCL is responsible for overseeing beach and marine lands out to the seaward extent of the State’s jurisdiction.

Permit applications can be dropped off, or mailed to 1151 Punchbowl, Room 131, Honolulu, HI  96813.  Do not email applications.  We require hard copies for our files, and will no longer be printing them out for applicants.  

Information regarding Board of Land and Natural Resources meetings can be found on their website.  Meetings are live streamed here.

The DLNR Enforcement Line is 643-DLNR

Job openings
Planners: We are currently have open planner positions.  Please see Planner IV and Planner V for job description, benefits, and applications.
We are occasionally able to hire temporary 89-day hires.  The goals of the temporary positions are to enable workers to gain enough experience to qualify for a civil service position.  Applications can be mailed directly to [email protected]

Records requests

Please fill out a Request to Access a Government Record email it to [email protected]