Current Applications

Note: Comments on any application should be sent directly to the applicant’s representative, with a copy  to OCCL

Blank applications:

Conservation District Use Application 
Site Plan Approval Application
Loko Iʻa Application


AHC EISPNEnvironmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice for the Adventist Health Castle Master Plan-Hawai'i Loa Campus
Request for PublicationMarch 6, 2018
ApplicantAdventist Health Castle
AgentChristine Mendes Ruotola of G70
Phone: (808) 523-5866;
LocationHawai'i Loa Campus, Ko'olau Poko, O'ahu
TMK(1) 4-5-035:010
OCCL StaffK. Tiger Mills
Phone: (808) 587-0382
Public HearingN/A
Public Comment Periodthrough April 23, 2018
STATUSPublic comment period open
CDUA OA-3804Portlock Road Drainage Outfall Improvements Project
Acceptance LetterSeptember 13, 2017
ApplicantCity and County of Honolulu
AgentNatalie Waters, P.E.
LocationPortlock, Oahu
TMK(1) 3-9-003:002 and 028
OCCL staffAlex Roy,
(808) 587-0316
Environmental Assessment Exempt
Public HearingN/A
End of Public Comment PeriodOctober 23, 2017
Board Hearing DateTBD
180-Day Expiration March 12, 2018


CDUA OA-3809Shangri La Breakwater Safety Initiative and Shoreline Stabilization Project
Acceptance letterDecember 15, 2017
ApplicantDoris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art
AgentRonald Saito, AICP, Senior Associate, HHF Planners.
LocationWaikiki Ahupuaa, Kona District, Oahu
TMK(1) 3-1-041:005
OCCL StaffMichael Cain, (808) 587-0048
Environmental AssessmentFONSI published June 23, 2017
Public Hearing6:30 pm February 7, Wesley United Methodist Church, 1350 Hunakai Street, Honolulu, HI 96816
Public Comment PeriodJanuary 22, 2018
180-Day ExpirationJune 13, 2018
Staff reportApproved for submittal
Board HearingApril 27, 2018


Extension OA-18-10Mamala Bay Seafood mariculture facility
CDUP OA-3719Approved December 12, 2014
PermitteeRandy Cates, Mamala Bay Seafood, LLC
LocationReef Runway Borrow Pit, Ke'ehi Lagoon, Honolulu, O'ahu
TMK(1) 1-1-003:005 (submerged lands)
OCCL StaffMichael Cain, (808) 587-0048
Board HearingJanuary 12, 2018
Staff ReportSubmitted to Board
STATUSTwo year extension approved


CDUA HA-3812Infrastructure Improvements at Mauna Kea Visitor Center
Acceptance letterJanuary 2, 2018
AppllicantUniversity of Hawaii at Hilo
AgentKristin Duin, Sustainable Resources Group International;
LocationKa‘ohe, Hāmākua, Hawai‘i
TMK(3) 4-4-015:012
OCCL StaffMichael Cain, (808) 587-0048
Environmental AssessmentFONSI published August 23, 2017
Public HearingFebruary 28, 6:00 pm. YWCA, 145 Ululani Street, Hilo, HI 96720
Public Comment Periodthrough Feb 22, 2018
180-Day ExpirationJune 27, 2018
Board Hearingtbd
STATUSin process


CDUA MA-3813Repair/Maintenance of a Nonconforming Groin
Acceptance LetterDecember 26, 2017
ApplicantCommunity Beach Restoration Foundation, Inc.
AgentChris Conger of Sea Engineering ph: (808) 259-7966
LocationSpreckelsville, Wailuku, Maui
TMKMakai of (2) 3-8-002:026
OCCL staffK. Tiger Mills
Ph: (808) 587-0382
Environmental Assessment Exempt
Public hearingN/A
Public comment periodFebruary 7, 2018
Board HearingN/A


CDUA MA-3814Lahaina Small Boat Harbor Ferry Pier Improvements
Acceptance LetterDecember 20, 2017
ApplicantDivision of Boating and Ocean Recreation
AgentChristina Hawk of Mitsunaga & Assoc.
Phone: (808) 945-7882 ext.158
LocationLahaina, Maui
TMK(2) 4-6-001:002 & 014
OCCL StaffK. Tiger Mills
Phone: (808) 587-0382
Environmental AssessmentFEIS published on June 23, 2014
Public HearingN/A
Public Comment PeriodFebruary 7, 2018
180-Day ExpirationJune 18, 2018
Board HearingN/A


CDUA: MO-3815Modified Kaunakakai Drainage System Improvement Project (Phase 1B)
ApplicantCounty of Maui - Dept. of Public Works
AgentMunekiyo Hiraga
LocationMoloka'i District, Island of Moloka'i
TMK(2) 5-3-005:006 & 007
OCCL staffAlex J. Roy
Environmental Assessment FEA-FONSI Published in OEQC September 23, 2017; FEA-FONSI Vol. I; FEA-FONSI Vol. II
Public hearingN/A
Public comment periodJanuary 15, 2018
Board HearingTBD
Staff Report pending


CDUA: KA-3811; ExhibitsHelios Hanalei Single Family Residence
ApplicantHelios Hanalei, LLC - Atlanta, GA
AgentBays Lung Rose & Holma
LocationHanalei District, Island of Kaua'i
TMK(4) 5-4-004:032
OCCL staffAlex J. Roy
Environmental AsessmentDraft EA/FONSI (TBD)
Public hearingWed., March 21, 2018 - Kapa'a Public Library @6PM
Public comment period2/8 - 3/8/2018
Board Hearing(TBD)


CDUA OA-3816Kamehameha Hwy Force Main
Acceptance Letter February 12, 2018
ApplicantCity & County of Honolulu Department of Environmental Services
AgentTony Ali of CH2M
Phone: (808) 726-4369
LocationKe'ehi Lagoon, Kahauiki, Kalihi-Kai, O'ahu
TMK(1) 1-1-003:138 and other submerged land
OCCL StaffK. Tiger Mills
Phone: (808) 587-0382
Environmental AssessmentFEA published on October 8, 2017
Public HearingN/A
Public Comment PeriodApril 9, 2018
180-Day ExpirationAugust 11, 2018
Board HearingTBD
STATUSPublic comment period open


CDUA: OA-3820Hawaii Kai Marina Entrance Channel Groin Project
ApplicantHawaii Kai Marina Community Association
AgentSea Engineering, Inc.
LocationHonolulu District, Island of Oahu
TMKSubmerged Lands seaward of (1) 3-9-008:035 & :029
OCCL staffAlex J. Roy
Environmental AsessmentFEA: OA-3820
Public hearing(TBD)
Public comment period(TBD)
Board Hearing(TBD)


CDUA: OA-3819Vogetrader Coral Nursery Experiment Project Acceptance Letter
ApplicantNOAA Restoration Center - Pacific Region
AgentMatthew Parry
LocationHonolulu and Ko'olaupoko Districts, Island of Oahu
TMKSubmerged Lands
OCCL staffAlex J. Roy
Environmental AsessmentManagement Plan
Public hearingN/A
Public comment period4/8/18 - 5/8/18
Board Hearing(TBD)


CDUA: KA-3817Ulu Kapaka Landscaping ProjectAcceptance Letter
ApplicantKalihiwai Investors, LLC
LocationHanalei District, Island of Kaua'i
TMK(4) 5-3-001:016
OCCL staffAlex J. Roy
Environmental AsessmentExempt
Public hearingN/A
Public comment period4/22/18 - 5/22/18
Board Hearing(TBD)