Current Applications

Note: Comments on any application should be sent directly to the applicant’s representative, with a copy  to OCCL

Blank applications:

Conservation District Use Application

Site Plan Approval Application

Loko Iʻa Application


Pohoiki Boat Ramp Dredging ProjectCDUA HA-3945

Figures and Plans
Acceptance Letter Acceptance Letter
Final Environmental Assessment The final EA was published in the July 23, 2023 edition of The Environmental Notice link to doc
ApplicantDivision of Boating and Recreation
AgentThe Limtiaco Consulting Group
Claire Oshiro
(808) 687-8750
[email protected]
LocationPohoiki, Puna, Island of Hawaii
TMKs(3) 1-3-008:014 & 097, adjacent submerged land; (3) 1-4-093:048
OCCL staffK. Tiger Mills
(808) 587-0382
[email protected]
Public comment periodTo December 26, 2023
Board HearingTBA
Kamehameha Highway at Kaaawa Erosion MitigationCDUA OA-3943
Acceptance Letter Acceptance letter
Environmental Assessment FONSI published June 16, 2022
ApplicantHawaii Department of Transportation
AgentScott Sullivan, Sea Engineering Inc, [email protected]
LocationKaaawa, Oahu
TMK(1) 5-1-002:025
OCCL staffCal Miyahara,
[email protected]
Public Hearing Locationpending
Public Hearing DateKaaawa Elementary School, 5:30 pm Wednesday November 29
Public comment periodLast day December 8, 2023
STATUSIn process
UH WRRC Mesonet Weather StationCDUA MA-3942
Acceptance Letter CDUA MA-3942 Acceptance Letter
Final Environmental Assessment N/A, Exempt per HAR § 11.200.1-16
ApplicantUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa Water Resources Research Center
Thomas Giambelluca, Director & Dylan Giardina
Ph. (808) 987-8724
Email: [email protected]
LocationHanaula Reservoir in the West Maui Forest Reserve
West Maui Forest Reserve, Waikapu, Maui
TMK(2) 3-6-003:001
OCCL staffTrevor Fitzpatrick
Ph. (808) 798-6660
Email: [email protected]
Public comment periodTo February 7, 2024
Chair ConsiderationTBD
Ahuwale Ditch Storm Drainage ImprovementsCDUA OA-3928
Acceptance Letter CDUA OA-3928 Acceptance Letter
Final Environmental Assessment Exempt
ApplicantCity and County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction
AgentMiya Akiba
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
[email protected]
LocationWailupe & Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve, Oahu, Hawaii
TMK(1) 3-6-004:018
OCCL staffCosme Caal
(808) 798-6481
[email protected]
Public Hearing LocationN/A
Public Hearing DateN/A
Public comment period9 October 2023
Departmental PermitTBD
Reese Single-Family ResidenceCDUA HA-3921
Acceptance Letter CDUA HA-3921 Acceptance Letter
Final Environmental Assessment Draft EA
ApplicantCarl J. and Anick L. Reese
AgentJames M. Leonard
JM Leonard Planning, LLC
Ph. (808) 896-3459
[email protected]
LocationGovernment Beach Road
Waawaa Subdivision, Waawaa, Puna, Island of Hawaii
TMK(3) 1-4-028:005
OCCL staffTrevor Fitzpatrick
(808) 798-6660
[email protected]
Public comment periodTo August 22, 2023
Board HearingTBD



Kahapapa Fishpond Kahapapa Application
Acceptance Letter N/A
AgentSea Engineering, Inc.
ApplicantWaikoloa Beach Association
Board HearingN/A
Final Environmental Assessment N/A
LocationWaikoloa, Hawaii
OCCL staff[email protected]
Public comment periodAugust 31, 2023
TMK(3) 6-9-007:011