The Rapid Response Contingency Plan (RRCP) provides the Department of Natural Resources (DLNR), Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) and its partners with a plan to respond to unusual events including coral disease, coral bleaching, and Crown-Of-Thorn Starfish (COTS) outbreaks.

Overall, Hawaii’s coral reefs are relatively healthy.  However, like all animals, these marine creatures are susceptible to a number of stresses that can cause their decline.  There is a varied level of knowledge about what causes the events described in the RRCP and how to lessen their effects on coral reefs.  However, rapid and coordinated response assessments are the  first step for managers and scientists to understand their impact.  Explore this site to learn more about these impacts to Hawaii’s coral reefs,what DLNR is learning through current responses, and how you can help.


Colony of Porites Lobata from Kona, Hawaii

Find out what happens when corals bleach, get sick, or are overcome by Crown-Of-Thorns-Starfish.

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butterfly fish with a tumor

Find out what we know about other marine life including fish disease.

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algae on a coral reef

Find out how invasive algae is affecting our coral reefs and how sea urchins are being used to fight back.

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