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The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) program works to control, manage, and prevent introduced pests in marine and inland waters of Hawaiʻi that are causing or could cause environmental, economic, or human health impacts to Hawaiʻi.  The AIS team is part of DLNR’s Division of Aquatic Resources sector and works in close partnerships with various State, Federal, Non-profit, and Private organizations throughout Hawaiʻi.

The Division of Aquatic Resources responsibility is the conservation of the state’s aquatic resources to include fish, wildlife, and plants. Because of that responsibility, the AIS program is very concerned about the impacts that introduced pests have on our native resources. Invasive pests degrade habitats, outcompete native flora and fauna, and inhibit healthy diversity, thus destroying the delicate balance of Hawaiian ecosystems.


Invasive Algae

underwater image of Kaneohe Bay reef

In Kaneohe Bay, alien invasive algae is controlled and managed through mechanical removal and biocontrol efforts.

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Marine Debris

image of alien species attached to marine debris

Marine debris serves as the perfect platform for alien species to hitch a ride into Hawaiian waters.

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Ballast Water/Biofouling

image of a ship

Prevention of newly introduced species through ballast water and biofouling regulations is crucial.

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