Report an Aquatic Invasive Species

Please call the Division of Aquatic Resources at (808) 587-0100 or send an email to [email protected].

Please provide as much information as possible, including the follow:

  • Date/time/location of sighting
  • Detailed description of organism
  • Photo if possible 
  • Finder’s contact information
  • Nearby landmarks of sighting
  • GPS coordinates (press and hold on your phones map to see coordinates)
  • Any additional information about the sighting

Do you have an invasive pet or plant that you’re unsure what to do with?  

Never release your pets or plants into the wild. If released, most pets don’t survive and many suffer before they die. Pets are usually unable to find food or shelter in the wild, and they are often an easy meal for another creature. However, if they survive, animals and plants could become invasive species, which could harm our Hawaiian ecosystems and economy.

Instead of Releasing:

  • The state’s Amnesty Program allows the voluntary surrender of illegal animals. No penalties will be assessed if a person voluntarily turns in a prohibited species before an investigation is initiated. Animals may be dropped off at local humane societies, municipal zoos, or any Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Office
  • Give/trade with another aquarist, pond owner, or water gardener
  • Turn in your pets (you may need to include a home for your aquatic pet; not all facilities have the proper set-ups):
  • Seal aquatic plants in plastic bags and dispose in the trash
  • Contact a veterinarian or pet retailer for humane disposal guidance
  • For more information, please visit:


Be a Citizen Scientist!

Join and Report Aquatic Invasive Species 

iNaturalist is free to join and they even have a free app!  Join the State of Hawaiʻi: Aquatic Invasive Species project to document any non-native aquatic species listed on our website.

Your observations of aquatic invasive species will directly help us to monitor and manage these species in Hawaiʻi.



Did you see something strange in the ocean or stream while out diving, fishing, or hiking?  Was it something you’ve never seen before, or maybe something you had seen before, but never in such large numbers?  

Please report anything that looks suspicious through the Eyes of the Reef network via the following links:

Or you can report directly to the AIS Team at [email protected]. Additional contact information is here