Apple Snail

Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata)

Photo courtesy of DAR

Description (Daniel et al., 2021):

  • Snails that attain sizes slightly smaller than a golf ball
  • Shell color varies from yellow to brown, typically with dark spiral bands


  • Found in freshwater systems such as wetlands and agricultural areas (Global Invasive Species Database, 2021)

Impacts & Concern (Daniel et al., 2021):

  • Competes with native species for resources and feeds on aquatic plants
  • Causes damage to taro and rice crops by chewing through plants and creating holes for bacteria to enter

Photo courtesy of DAR

Introduction (Global Invasive Species Database, 2021):

  • First introduced as a local food source and spread too quickly to control
  • Most likely spread to Hawaiʻi through aquarium release

Distribution in Hawaii (Daniel et al., 2021):

  • Kauai: Present
  • Oʻahu: Present
  • Molokai: Not documented
  • Lanai: Present
  • Maui: Present
  • Big Island: Present


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