Poecilia reticulata (Guppies)

Photo courtesty of DAR

  • Description: Males attain 2.5cm; females 6cm. Exhibit a wide variety of colors, but females are generally more dull while males have bright color patterns as well as ornamental fins.
  • Native Range: Southern Lesser Antilles and northern South America.
  • Introduction: Likely introduced via aquaculture or aquarium releases.
  • Ecology and Behavior: Thrive in warm waters of freshwater streams and pools, but can persist in brackish waters. Feeds on zooplankton, detritus, and small insects. No parental care, females give birth to live young and can produce young every four weeks due to their ability to store sperm. 
  • Impacts: Known to carry parasites that can infect native gobies and have been implicated in the decline of native damselflies on Oahu. 


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