Suckermouth Catfish

Suckermouth Catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus)

Photo courtesy of DAR


  • Grows up to 50 cm, body covered in armored plates (CABI, 2021)
  • Popular ornamental fish native to northern South America (CABI, 2021)


  • Prefers quiet, slow moving waters (Neilson, 2021)
  • In the US, introduced populations reside in shallow areas of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs (CABI, 2021)`

Impacts & Concern:

  • Compete for food and space with native species due to abundance (Neilson, 2021)
  • Create burrows which cause increased erosion and sedimentation (CABI, 2021)


  • Introduced to Hawaiʻi through aquarium release (Neilson, 2021)

Distribution in Hawaii:

  • Kauai: Unknown
  • Oʻahu: Present (Neilson, 2021)
  • Molokai: Unknown
  • Lanai: Unknown
  • Maui: Present in Kanaha Pond (Neilson, 2021)
  • Big Island: Unknown


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