Tahitian Prawn

Tahitian Prawn (Macrobrachium lar)

Terminal male – Photo courtesy of DAR

Description (Benson, 2021):

  • Freshwater shrimp that reaches maximum length of 181 millimeters
  • Adults develop long claws 


  • Found in brackish and saltwater during juvenile stages, moves to freshwater in adulthood (Benson, 2021)
  • Prefers shaded pools and sheltered parts of the stream (Hawaii Biological Survey, 2010)

Impacts & Concern:

  • Compete with and prey on native stream animals (Hawaii Biological Survey, 2010)


  • Introduced to Hawai‘i from the Marquesas Islands via aquaculture as a potential food source in 1950 (Benson, 2021)

Distribution in Hawaii (Benson, 2021):

  • Kauai: Present
  • O‘ahu: Present
  • Molokai: Not documented
  • Lanai: Not documented
  • Maui: Present
  • Big Island: Present


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  • Hawaii Biological Survey. (2010). Macrobrachium lar. Bishop Museum. https://hbs.bishopmuseum.org/waipio/Critter%20pages/macrobrachiumlar.html