People who work for the Department of Land and Natural Resources are committed to fulfilling the agency’s mission of managing and conserving the state’s natural and cultural resources for future generations. With nearly 900 employees working throughout the state, job opportunities within the department require various levels of education and expertise ranging from a high school education up through advanced degrees. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a conservation enforcement officer, aquatic or wildlife biologist, environmental engineer, archaeologist or cultural historian, the Department of Land and Natural Resources is the place for you.

How to Apply


Listed below are the divisions and staff offices within the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Please click on the division or staff office to find out more about the particular vacancy you are interested in.

Civil Service Jobs

Non-Civil Service Jobs



  • Meet the minimum qualification requirements of the position.


  • Complete an on-line application at the Department of Human Resources Development Website. For additional information regarding the on-line application process please visit the Department of Human Resources Development On-line Employment Guide.


The Department of Land and Natural Resources offers a competitive compensation package. In addition to salary, which is an important part of the compensation package, an employee may be eligible for a broad range of valuable benefits, such as comprehensive health care insurance, life insurance, retirement programs, sick leave, vacation leave and paid holidays. The benefits information provided below is not a contract or binding agreement. It does not supersede laws, rules, collective bargaining agreements, policies and procedures, and benefit plan documents pertaining to the various subject matters covered. Benefits vary by type of employment appointment and applicable collective bargaining agreement, and are subject to change. [Benefits At-A-Glance]



Current Jobs

Please check the website regularly for updates.

Job Opportunity
Recruitment #
Closing Date
Abstracting Assistant III 215268  Continuous 
Account Clerk III – Oahu 216170  Continuous
Accountant III – Oahu 215126 Continuous
Accountant IV – Oahu 214267 Continuous
Appraisal and Real Estate Specialist  New! EX9632 Continuous
Aquatic Biologist III – Oahu 216137 Continuous 
Aquatic Biologist IV – Oahu 216138  Continuous
DOCARE II – Oahu  New! 216329 7/15/16
DOCARE III – Oahu  New! 216330 7/22/16
DOCARE – Administrator  New! 216356 Continuous
Engineer V – Oahu  210065 Continuous
Equipment Operator  New! 216344 Continuous 
Forestry and Wildlife Technician III 216188 Continuous
Forestry and Wildlife Technician IV 216189 Continuous
Forester IV – Maui 214037 Continuous
General Professional IV
 (Port Boating Security) – Maui
215252  Continuous
Harbor Agent III – Oahu  New! 216242 Continuous 
Historic Preservation  New!
 Archaeologist IV – Maui
EX101037  Continuous
Historic Preservation
 Archaeologist IV – Hawaii
EX102055 Continuous 
Historic Preservation 
 Systems Manager
EX102283 Continuous  
Land Agent II – Oahu, Kauai New! Various Continuous
Land Agent III – Oahu, Kauai New! Various Continuous
Land Agent IV – Oahu, Kauai New! Various Continuous
Mineral Resources Specialist   EX120856 Continuous
Office Assistant III 216228 Continuous
Planner IV  New! 216287 Continuous
Planner V  New! 216287 Continuous
Program Specialist V
 (Legacy Land Conservation Program)
216179  Continuous
Supervising Land Agent New! 216271 Continuous