Jobs and opportunities at DLNR

If you’re passionate about protecting Hawaiʻi’s natural, cultural, and historical resources, we would love to work with you! We are nearly 900 employees working across the state in a wide range of job and career types across divisions including Aquatic Resources, Boating and Ocean Recreation, Bureau of Conveyances, Conservation and Coastal Lands, Conservation and Resources Enforcement, Engineering, Forestry & Wildlife, Historic Preservation, Land Division, and State Parks. If you’d like to hear directly from some of the people who work here and why this work is important to them, our division of Forestry and Wildlife has an About Us page with staff video profiles.

There are multiple ways to work with us: as an employee of the department, as an employee or service member through a partner organization like those described below, or as a volunteer. Below you’ll find information on jobs with the Department, and at the bottom of this page you’ll find links for finding jobs with partner organizations and volunteer opportunities.


Applying for State Jobs with the Department of Land and Natural Resources


*** >>> Apply as an 89-day Appointment for various jobs in Maui <<< ***




How to Apply

Where to apply: The DHRD site is your starting point for tips, FAQs, and links to job postings. DHRD splits most of their job postings into two categories:

How to find job current openings: At either of the “government jobs” links above, use the Filter button to find jobs in a specific location, at a specific department, by category, etc. For jobs with DLNR, click Filter>Department and check the box for “Land & Natural Resources.”

Tips for applying: DHRD provides resources to support applicants, including an FAQ, user guide, employment laws, and more. They also provide the video below to help you navigate the application website.

Keep in mind that the initial review of your application will be by HR specialists at DHRD, not by biologists or other subject-matter experts at DLNR. To make it easier for these HR specialists to evaluate your application, we recommend:

  • Using broadly understood vocabulary (avoiding technical jargon)
  • Making direct, clear connections between the minimum qualifications in the job posting and your information in your resume or cover letter
  • Highlighting any classes on your transcript that are required by the posting and adding up the relevant credit hours
  • If your transcript includes a course title that doesn’t sound like covers a required topic but you feel it does, make sure to include in your application a description of the course and why it is relevant
  • If you receive a letter saying you are not qualified for a position but you believe that you are, you can contest this decision. You must do this within the timeframe described in the letter.

How to be notified when new opportunities arise:  You can subscribe to notifications for opportunities based on job categories such as Natural Resources, Water Agency, Green-Collar/Environmental, or others related to your interests.

For more guidance on how to apply, see the following video from the Department of Human Resources Development:

Employee Benefits

The Department of Land and Natural Resources offers a competitive compensation package. In addition to salary, which is an important part of the compensation package, an employee may be eligible for a broad range of valuable benefits, such as comprehensive health care insurance, life insurance, retirement programs, sick leave, vacation leave and paid holidays. The benefits information provided below is not a contract or binding agreement. It does not supersede laws, rules, collective bargaining agreements, policies and procedures, and benefit plan documents pertaining to the various subject matters covered. Benefits vary by type of employment appointment and applicable collective bargaining agreement and are subject to change.

Learn more about employee benefits for state employees from the Department of Human Resources Development.


Current Openings


Job Title


07/03/23 Abstracting Assistant V, Oahu 23-0385
03/04/23 Abstracting Assistant IV, Oahu  23-0136
12/07/23 Abstractor VII (Hawaiian Language) – Oahu 23-0676
02/24/24 Abstractor IX (Oahu) 24-0066
01/27/24 Account Clerk II – Hawaii Island 24-0048
04/11/23 Account Clerk II – Kauai – (DOBOR) 23-0186
08/05/23 Account Clerk II – Oahu – (DOBOR) 23-0446
12/30/23 Account Clerk II – Maui 23-0726
05/18/24 Account Clerk III – Hawaii Island 24-0261
02/20/24 Administrative Specialist III/IV (Oahu) 24-0067
05/22/24 Application/Systems Analyst EX120503
05/20/24 Aquatic Biologist IV – Hawaii 24-0279
05/20/24 Aquatic Biologist IV – Kauai 24-0278
04/15/24 Aquatic Biologist VI – Oahu 24-0189
05/04/24 Boating and Ocean Recreation Harbor Agent IV – Kona, Hawaii Island 24-0232
04/20/24 Carpenter I – Kauai 24-0225
09/17/22 Civil Rights – Specialist V 22-0612
03/02/24 Construction & Maintenance Worker I – Wailuku/Kahului, Maui 24-0122
02/03/24 Education Specialist III (Aquatic Resource) 24-0065
04/15/24 Education Specialist IV (Aquatic Resources) 24-0084
10/15/22 Education Specialist (Hunter & Conservation Resources) III – Pearl City, Oahu 22-0636
05/06/23 Environmental Health Specialist IV – Oahu – (DOBOR) 23-0001
03/17/24 Forestry & Wildlife Technician IV – Downtown, Oahu 24-0165
04/23/24 Fishery Technician IV (SCUBA) – Halawa to Kalihi, Oahu 24-0220
03/18/24 Forestry & Wildlife Technician IV – Maui 24-0113
02/25/23 General Construction & Maintenance Supervisor I – Lihue, Kauai 23-0107
05/25/24 General laborer II – Maui 24-0284
11/04/23 Land Agent II, III and IV – Maui 23-0625
12/23/23 Land Court Document Receiving Clerk 1 – Downtown, Oahu 23-0671
02/12/24 Mauna Kea Stewardship and Oversight Authority, Administrative Services Officer EX125346
04/30/24 Mauna Kea Stewardship and Oversight Authority, Program Specialist EX125364
04/30/24 Mauna Kea Stewardship and Oversight Authority, Program Specialist EX125365
06/30/23 Mineral Resources Specialist EX120856
03/02/24 Park Interpretive Technician – Hanalei, Kauai 24-0129
04/27/24 Park Interpretive Technician – Oahu 24-0227
10/09/22 Planner IV – Oahu 22-0557
09/02/22 Planner V – Oahu 22-0540
01/16/24 Program Specialist III – Oahu 24-0018
02/24/24 Property Manager I (Oahu) 24-0107
02/24/24 Property Manager II (Oahu) 24-0106
02/24/24 Property Manager III (Oahu) 24-0105
04/27/24 Trails and Access Specialist II/III/IV – Wailuku to Kahului, Maui 24-0249

Join our team!

Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission is hiring!
Cultural Resources Program Coordinator

Please check the website regularly for updates. For more information, please visit DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife is an equal-opportunity employer. For more information see our Civil Rights statement.


More ways to mālama Hawaiʻi

Caring for Hawaiʻi’s natural, cultural, and historic resources is a big task, and many partners and volunteers are engaged in this work. In addition to the state jobs above, consider exploring positions with some of our partners, or inquiring about volunteer opportunities.

Logo for Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance Conservation Connections

Find opportunities with partners: Conservation Connections

Our friends at the Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance have developed a database you can explore when seeking jobs and service opportunities across Hawaiʻi. Visit Conservation Connections to find opportunities near you.

Logo for Kupu

Hawaiʻi Youth Conservation Corps & Kupu

We administer a Hawaiʻi Youth Conservation Corps for workforce development, training, and service opportunities, including the Green Jobs Youth Corps. Our current partner for providing these opportunities is Kupu, a Hawaiʻi-based non-profit. Visit to learn more

People volunteering with DLNR


Volunteering is a great way to get outside and give back. If you’re considering a career in conservation, it’s also a great way to try out different tasks and gain skills. Learn more on our DLNR Volunteer page, or find opportunities with one of our partners via Conservation Connections.