Hawaii Historic Places Review Board









HAR§13-198-1 Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to set forth the procedures by which historic properties shall be ordered and entered into the Hawaii register of historic places by the review board and by which nominations of historic properties to the national register will be approved by the review board.

HAR 13-8-197: Practice & Procedure Before the Hawaii Historic Places Review Board

HAR 13-8-198: The Hawaii and National Registers of Historic Places Programs



Review Board

Member Expertise
George Casen History
Pat Griffin History
Matt McDermott Archaeology
Dr. Alton Okinaka Sociology
Nancy Peacock Architecture
Paul Morgan Architecture
Bill Souza Hawaiian Culture
Zachary Bantolina Hawaiian Culture
Katie Stevens Architecture

Chandra Hirotsu, Secretary

Board Counsel is provided by the Office of the Attorney General


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2017 Review Board Calendar of Events

2017 Hawaii Register of Historic Places Nomination Review Calendar 

2018 Review Board Meeting Calendar