Review Board Meetings & Agendas

Review Board Information for 2024

Date Agenda Minutes Nomination Forms Comments

HHPRB Draft Agenda May 17 2024

HHPRB Limited Meeting Draft Agenda May 16 2024


Liberty Bank


John Clarke jr. rsd

FJ Johnson rsd

2024-02-05T07-28-19_NR Waimakua Homestead Februrary 2024 REVISED2

2024-01-19T15-47-03_Crockett nomination

2024-01-19T12-28-14_Spalding nomination

2023-12-14T06-31-37_Cloward House 3787 Diamond Head Road – NR – December 2023

Wong rsd

The Beers Residence

McLean rsd


2/16/2024 HHPRB Draft Agenda FEB 16 2024 DRAFT-Minutes-February 16 2024 HHPRB

Bowers House

Dilks Residence

BYUH Response 2023PR01036

See below for Legacy Agendas & Minutes, Hawaii Register Nomination Forms, and Public Comments (Click on the year to expand)

Legacy Agendas & Minutes 


Review Board Information for 2023

Date Agenda Minutes Nomination Forms Comments
11/17/23 HHPRB Draft Agenda November 17 2023 Regular Meeting

Draft HHPRB November 16 2023

HHPRB Part 1 November 17 2023Audio

HHPRB Part 2 November 17 2023Audio

Otsubo Revised

Matsumoto Residence nomination revised

Makai Golf Course at Princeville

Makai Golf Course 2

Ariyoshi-Hampton Residence – Unit 6

Yee King Tong revised_10-06-2023

Wedeman Residence – Unit 13

St Andrews Fountain Nom – amended to Cathedral Nom

Sloggett Beach House_Revised Nomination Form_20231002

Memorandum_Delisting Rpt Submittal

John J. Andrade Sr._Nomination


Mauna Kea HRHP & NRHP Nomination Revised

Makai Golf Course at Princeville

Mauna Kea Support

Mauna Kea Support 2

Mauna Kea Comments 3

Matsumoto Comments

HHF Testimony_HHPRB_Falls of Clyde_Delisting_11.17.2023

Owner’s OBJECTION to Listing Makai Golf Course on Historic Register(s) and Petition for CONTESTED CASE Hearing

Makai Golf Course comments 2

Mauna Kea comments 4

St Andrews Cathedral Fountain comments

Makai golf course comments 3

Mauna Kea comments 5

St Andrews Cathedral Fountain – Bishop comments


HHPRB Meeting November 16 2023 TCP Training

HHPRB Limited Meeting Approval November 16 2023

DRAFT-Limited Meeting Minutes Sites Novenber 15 2023

HHPRB Limited Meeting November 15 2023Audio

DRAFT-Minutes-TCP Training November 15 2023

HHPRB Limited Meeting TCP Training November 15 2023Audio




HHPRB Draft Agenda August 11 2023

HHPRB Aug 11 2023

DRAFT-Minutes-Mtg-August 11 2023 HHPRB

La Pietra 3 Gringer

La Pietra 2 Felix

La Pietra 17 Jensen

Farrell nomination

La Pietra 35 Rodrigues

La Pietra 33 Mark

La Pietra 26 Mau

La Pietra 18 Fung

Meyer nomination

Detweiler nomination

Panfiglio nomination

Hamakua Country Club

Henry J and Alyce Kaiser-Estate-Amended Nomination

Memorandum_Delisting Rpt Submittal Falls Of Clyde

REVISED – George T. Kluegel_nomination-updated

Mokuaikaua Church amended nomination

Sloggett Beach House Nomination Form

Panfiglio Support Letter


HHPRB Limited Meeting Draft Agenda August 10, 2023





HHPRB Draft Agenda May 19 2023

DRAFT-Minutes-Mtg-May 19 2023

HHPRB Meeting May 19 2023 Audio


Charles Dole Residence

Yamane Residence nomination

Waikiki Yacht Club

King Residence

Testimony_Carswell Residence CarswellResidence_Nomination

5/18/23 HHPRB Limited Meeting Draft Agenda May 18 2023

Charles H Dole Residence

Yamane Residence

Waikiki Yacht Club

King Residence

DRAFT-Limited Meeting Minutes May 18, 2023




DRAFT-Minutes-Mtg-March 24 2023

HHPRB March 2023 – Copy_02

Saint Joseph Chapel Cemetery and Rectory

Otsubo Stone Monuments

Allison-Kang Residence

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Chapel and Cemetery

3052 Hibiscus Dr_Pennybacker Wallace Residence (SHPD)

Otsubo Stone Monuments (SHPD)

SKM Letter 2

Letter to HHPRB for 032423 Mtg

Palolo Kwannon Temple

Date Agenda Minutes
11/13/2015 Agenda  
8/28/2015 Agenda  
7/11/2015 Cancelled  
11/13/2015   DRAFT HHPRB Minutes 13 NOV 2015
8/28/2015   DRAFT HHPRB Minutes 28 August 2015  
5/2/2015   DRAFT ii HHPRB Minutes 2 MAY 2015
Date Agenda Minutes
11/22/2014   APPROVED HHPRB 22 NOV 2014
Date Agenda Minutes
4/6/2013   FINAL APPROVED 6 APR 2013 HHPRB Mtg Minutes

Legacy Nominations to the Hawaii Register of Historic Places

Date Name of Property
November 30, 2018 Pali Lanes Nomination
Iida Residence
Mahikoa House
Sueoka Market
Strode Residence
Mary P Bright House
Otsubo Monument Works
Quonset Hut 33 Naval Aviation
August 23-24, 2018 Burbank Tract Historic NominationPart 2Part 3
Getz Nomination, Getz Additional
Hakalau Jodo Mission Draft Nomination
Henderson Nominationpart 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7 maps
Honokaʻa Garage NominationPart 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6
Owens Residence Nomination, Owens Residence Additional
P.C. Jones NominationPart 1Part 2Part 3Jones maps
Puakea Ranch NominationPart 2
Robertson Residence_Historic NominationPart 2
Strode Residence, Part 2Part 3
Swann ResidenceSwann mapsPart 2Part 3Part 4
Waterhouse Walker Residence Historic nomination, Waterhouse Walker Residence Additional, Waterhouse Walker Residence Additional part 2
Wimberly NominationPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
June 1, 2018

Sueoka Market_Nomination Form_ResubmittalSueoka Market_Additional Information

Fish House #1 (aka Rutgard Residence) National Historic Places Registration Form 
 Earle Ernst (Samuel Elbert) Residence
 3019 Hibiscus DriveNomination formPhotos
 Honokaʻa MPS_Honokaʻa Library.pdf
Iida Residence Nomination FormAdditional information_Part 1Additional information_Part 2Additional information_Part 3Additional information_Part 4 
Cook, John C.Cook Part 2Cook Part 3Cook Part 4 
HI_Honolulu County_Otsubo Monument Works_Page 1Page 2

March 2, 2018 Awong Brothers Store part 1part 2 
Henry Residence 
Hanapepe Bridge Nomination 
2336 Oahu Avenue 
3019 Hibiscus Drive

Legacy Public Comments




November 13, 2015  Ross Stevenson Testimony, Ewa Field
 Valerie Van der Veer Testimony, Ewa Field
 Will Espero Testimony, Ewa Field
 Wendy Tolleson Testimony, Ewa Field
Steve Bosshard Testimony, Ewa Field
Slick Katz Testimony, Ewa Field
Sharon Har Testimony, Ewa Field
Scott Gier Testimony, Ewa Field
Ron Menor Testimony, Ewa Field
Robert Puskar Testimony, Ewa Field
Rob Moore Testimony, Ewa Field
Rick Ferris Testimony, Ewa Field
Peterman Nasario Testimony, Ewa Field
Owen Miyamoto Testimony, Ewa Field
Mike Lee Testimony, Ewa Field
Michael W Sawamoto Testimony, Ewa Field
Martinez Testimony, Ewa Field
Mark Moses Testimony, Ewa Field
Makani Christensen Testimony, Ewa Field
Kiyoshi Ikeda Testimony, Ewa Field
John Hughes Testimony, Ewa Field
John Bond Testimony, Ewa Field
Dennis Egge Testimony, Ewa Field
Dean Capelouto Testimony, Ewa Field
Albert Grasselli Testimony, Ewa Field
Ewa Neighborhood Board 23 Testimony, Ewa Field
House of Representatives 2009 Testimony, Ewa Field
Waipahu Neighborhood Board 22 Testimony, Ewa Field
National Association for Uniformed Services Testimony, Ewa Field
Robin Jackson Testimony, Ewa Field
Lt. Col. Y. Oshiro USAF (Ret.) Testimony, Ewa Field
Myrna-Lyn (Pagdilao-Diaz) Abang Testimony, Ewa Field
Mitchell A. Yockelson Testimony, Ewa Field
Pearl Harbor Association, Inc. Testimony, Ewa Field
Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors Testimony, Ewa Field
Karen Luke Testimony, Ewa Field
Jonna Doolittle Hoppes Testimony, Ewa Field
John Bennett Testimony, Ewa Field
The Freedom Committee of Orange County Testimony, Ewa Field
Ewa Beach Community Association Testimony, Ewa Field
Gary Schwichtenberg Testimony, Ewa Field
VMSB333 Testimony, Ewa Field
Douglas Wall Testimony, Ewa Field
Kailua Neighborhood Board Testimony, Ewa Field
Laura H. Thielen Testimony, Ewa Field
Carolyn Weygan-Hildebrand Testimony, Ewa Field
Hunt Development Testimony, Ewa Field