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  • Hawaii Cultural Resource Information System (HICRIS)


    Hawaii Cultural Resource Information System

    Hawaii Cultural Resource Information System (HICRIS) Launch Date: December 17, 2020

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    Question: How do I Submit additional documents or photographs to an existing HICRIS project?

    Answer: Project Supplement is used to submit additional documents or photographs to an existing HICRIS project. NOTE: You must be a Contact on the project, if not, you must request to be added.

    • Select Project Supplement. (located under the Submit tab in HICRIS)
    • Provide the email address used to add you to the project and the project number.
    • Add any documents, or photos and submit them to SHPD via the existing project.

    Project Supplement

    Question: Are Fees required for all submissions?

    Answer: No. Fees are not required for all submissions.

    Additional Information:

    • December 17, 2020 SHPD will begin accepting all submittals through HICRIS.
    • After the December 17th launch, if you are unable to use HICRIS, have an extenuating circumstance, and require assistance with your submittal, please call us at 808-692-8015.

    What is HICRIS?

    Hawaii Cultural Resource Information System (HICRIS)

    • HICRIS is an advanced Geographic Information System and data management system that integrates SHPD’s  vast historic and cultural resource database as well as digitized paper records of Hawaiʻi’s recorded cultural resources.  It provides a single place to access those cultural records and related geographic data.
    • HICRIS will serve as an interactive portal for agencies, municipalities, planners, researchers, and others who use historic preservation data and programs, such as the Hawaii`s chapter 6E and the federal section 106 review processes,  architectual and archaeological survey programs, the State and Federal Income Tax Credits for rehabilitation of historic properties, as well the State and National Registers of Historic Places Programs.


    As part of the State’s efforts to limit transmission of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Hawaiʻi State Historic Preservation Division’s (SHPD) offices are closed to the public until further notice. Communications with SHPD must be done electronically via the Hawaii Cultural Resource Information System (HICRIS).

    Link to HICRIS

    Please note, moving forward, HICRIS  will be the only way for SHPD to accept and process submittals.

    See the HICRIS Announcement on our home page for additional details.

    To report the inadvertent discovery of a burial site call.

    On Kaua`i please call: (808) 896-0475

    On Hawai`i Island please call: (808) 430-5709

    On Maui please call: (808) 436-6518

    On O`ahu please call: (808) 436-4801 

    Please visit the SHPD website for further information and a list of SHPD contacts here:

    Official notice: COVID 19




The reports below contain listings of the current requests for compliance reviews received by the SHPD. The lists are compiled on a weekly basis and posted on Friday. 

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Year Review and Compliance Report Determination Report
2021 Review and Compliance Determinations
2020 2020 Review and Compliance Report 2020 Determinations Report
2019 2019 Review and Compliance Report 2019 Determinations Report
2018 2018 Review and Compliance Report 2018 Determinations Report
2017 2017 Review and Compliance Report 2017 Determinations Report
2016 2016 Review and Compliance Report 2016 Determinations Report
2015 2015 Review and Compliance Report 2015 Determinations Report
2014 2014 Review and Compliance Report 2014 Determinations Report