Certified Local Government

The Certified Local Government (CLG) program is a partnership between local, state, and federal entities designed to promote preservation at the local level. By joining the program, local communities gain technical assistance and federal funds for their commitment to preservation. The purpose of the CLG program is to ensure the broadest possible participation of local governments in the national historic preservation program while maintaining standards consistent with the National Historic Preservation Act, and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation, to enrich, develop, and help maintain local historic preservation programs in cooperation and coordination with SHPD and to provide financial and technical assistance to further these purpose.

To qualify for and become a CLG a county must:

  • Enforce Appropriate State or Local Legislation for the Designation and Protection of Historic Properties
  • Establish an Adequate and Qualified Historic Preservation Review Commission by State or Local Legislation
  • Maintain a System for the Survey and Inventory of Properties that Furthers the Purposes of the Act Information for Certified Local Governments:
  • Provide for Adequate Public Participation in the Local Historic Preservation Program
  • Satisfactorily Perform the Responsibilities Delegated to it Under the Act
  • Provide Statistics for Annual Reporting Requirements

In Hawai‘i, three counties are CLGS including Hawai‘i County, Maui County, and Kaua‘i County. Please contact the County Planning Department for information regarding commission meetings and requirements: 

Every year, the State Historic Preservation Division sub grants to the Certified Local Governments for projects that support historic preservation.

Projects that are eligible for CLG funding include:

  • Identification of historic properties
  • Documentation of historic properties and archaeological sites
  • Designation of historic properties to the State or National
  • Register of Historic Places.
  • Preservation plans, structural reports, designs, etc. for historic properties
  • Rehabilitation of historic properties
  • Planning for CLG and preservation related programs
  • Preservation education and training

Grant Project Requirements:

  • All projects must meet Secretary of Interior Standards, Historic Preservation Fund Grant Manual, and State standards and guidelines
  • Projects must have a match
  • Certified Local Governments (CLGs) are the only eligible applicants for the grants, but CLGs can apply on behalf of individuals or organizations

For Certified Local Governments:

Grant Applications: Applications for the CLG Grants are accepted on an annual basis.

Application Deadlines: You may submit project applications between October 1 to July 1 of every year.

Submittal: Submit complete applications to Dr. Alan Downer through the SHPD intake email at: [email protected]

Application Review: SHPD will review your application for completeness. If found to be accurate and complete, SHPD will forward your application to the National Park Service within 30 days of receipt.

For questions related to the grant process, contact: [email protected]