Historic Preservation Review & Compliance

SHPD reviews projects for compliance with Hawai‘i Revised Statutes Chapter 6E and the National Historic Preservation Act.  

National Historic Preservation Act: Section 106 

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requires Federal Agencies to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties. An undertaking is a project, activity, or program funded in whole or in part under the direct or indirect jurisdiction of a Federal agency, including those carried out by or on behalf of a federal agency; those carried out with Federal financial assistance; and those requiring a federal permit, license, or approval.  Under Section 106, a historic property is any property that is included in, or eligible for inclusion in, the National Register of Historic Places. 

Secretary of the Interior provides various standards regarding professional qualifications, treatment of historic properties, and other guidelines. National Park Service listing of SOI standards. 

For more information on the 106 process, visit the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Website 

  • Section 106 Triggers: Federal Land, Federal Funding, Federal Assistance, Federal Permit, Federal Approval, Section 106 Submittals  
  • 106 Resources: The section 106 review process is outline in the regulations 36 CFR Part 800 and the Documentation Standards are outlined in 36 CFR Part 800.11 
  • Submitting to SHPD: The Lead Federal Agency should submit adequately documented determinations (per 36 CFR Part 800.11), initiation of the consultation process, and any other supporting documents.

Hawai‘i Revised Statues: Chapter 6E 

The Constitution of the State of Hawaii recognizes the value of conserving and developing the historic and cultural property within the State for the public good. SHPD reviews projects for impacts to historic properties in order to lessen or mitigate those impacts. In 6E terms, a Historic Property is any building, structure, object, district, area, or site which is over 50 years old and there are are three types of historic preservation reviews under HRS 6E: 6E-10, 6E-08, and 6E-42 Link to HRS 

HRS 6E-10 Review 

  • 6E-10 Trigger: Any projects impacting a privately owned property listed on the Hawai‘i Historic Register of Historic Places is subject to review. Link to HRS 
  • 6E-10 Resources: Check the Hawai‘i Register to see if your property is listed. Please keep in mind that the property may be included in a Historic District and not individually listed. See the SHPD Historic Register Page for more information.
  • Submitting to SHPD: the land owner should submit the proposed project prior to initiation of work utilizing the 6E Submittal form on the SHPD website. The form lists the required documentation and directions for submitting the form.

HRS 6E-08 Review 

  • 6E-08 Trigger: Any State or County Project which may affect a historic property is subject to review. Link to HRS 6E-08
  • 6E-08 Resources: Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 275 outlines the 6E-08 review process.
  • Submitting to SHPD: The Lead State or County Agency should submit the 6E submittal form and supporting documents utilizing the 6E Submittal form which provides submittal directions and lists required documentation.

HRS 6E-42 Review 

  • 6E-42 Triggers: Any State Agency’s or County Agency’s approval of a permit, license, certificate, land use change, subdivision, or other entitlement for use which may affect a historic property triggers review. Link to HRS 6E-42 
  • 6E-42 Resources: Hawai‘i Administrative Rules Chapter 284 outlines the 6E-42 review process.
  • Amendment: Projects limited to the building envelope of single family dwellings and townhouses which are over 50 years and not listed on the Hawaii Register are exempt from 6E-42 review: 6E-42 Amendment.
  • Submitting to SHPD: The Lead State or County Agency or Office should submit the 6E Submittal form and supporting documents utilizing the 6E form which provides submittal directions and lists required documentation.

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