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SHPD’s three branches, Architecture, Archaeology, and History & Culture, collectively strive to preserve and protect Hawai`i’s historic identity.  In Hawai`i, looking back is an integral part of going forward.  SHPD is a part of ensuring that Hawai`i’s treasured past is here for future generations. 

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Nominated and Listed Properties on the Hawaiʻi and National Registers of Historic Places. Updated August 10, 2018


ATTENTION: Hawaiʻi Historic Places Review Board meeting is cancelled for August 24, 2018. See official notice here: HHRRB Cancellation

Notice: Library materials are no longer available for circulation. To research any reports you will need to visit the Kapolei office library or send in a request for digital copies (if available) using this form: SHPD Library Research Request Form.