Aloha from State Historic Preservation Division!

Mission Statement

The State Historic Preservation Division of DLNR works to preserve and sustain reminders of earlier times which link the past to the present. SHPD’s three branches, History and Culture, Archaeology, and Architecture, strive to accomplish this goal through a number of different activities. The division’s statewide Inventory of Historic Properties contains information on more than 38,000 historic sites in Hawai`i. Reviews of development projects are the primary means of lessening the effects of change on our historic and cultural assets.

The Burial Sites Program, the Certified Local Government Program, the Historic Preservation Program, maintenance of the Hawai`i and National Register of Historic Places, SHPD’s Information and Education Program, and Inter-agency Archaeological Services, are designed to promote the use and maintenance of historic properties for the education, inspiration, pleasure and enrichment of Hawai`i’s citizens and visitors.



I ulu no ka lālā i ke kumu.  The branches grow because of the trunk.
(Without our ancestors we would not be here.)
`Ōlelo No`eau # 1261

SHPD’s three branches, Architecture, Archaeology, and History & Culture, collectively strive to preserve and protect Hawai`i’s historic identity.  In Hawai`i, looking back is an integral part of going forward.  SHPD is a part of ensuring that Hawai`i’s treasured past is here for future generations. 




Nominated and Listed Properties on the Hawaii and National Registers of Historic Places 7-11-2017