Well Construction & Pump Installation Standards

Well construction and pump installation standards.Improperly and inadequately constructed wells can cause pollution, or increase the chances of salt-water intrusion to ground water sources to the point of requiring cessation of use or expensive treatment before use. The Hawaii State Water Code and the Administrative Rules of the Department of Land and Natural Resources require the Commission on Water Resource Management to develop minimum standards for the construction, modification, repair/maintenance, and sealing/abandonment of wells in order to protect the quality and quantity of Hawaii’s ground-water resources.

The Hawaii Well Construction and Pump Installation Standards were amended to the Hawaii Administrative Rules in January 1997, and have subsequently been revised in February 2004. In accordance with the State Water Code, and as stated in §13-168-14, HAR, the goal of the standards is to “ensure the safe and sanitary maintenance and operation of wells, the prevention of waste, and the prevention of contamination of ground water aquifers.”

Hawaii Well Construction and
Pump Installation Standards

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Free Online Training for Homeowners with Water Wells

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Maintenance of Private Wells

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