Permit Application Review

The Commission is in the process of transitioning to an electronic notification process for Stream Channel Alteration Permits (SCAP) and Stream Diversion Works Permits (SDWP).  Full paper copies of permit applications will no longer be mailed to government agencies for review.  When a permit application is ready for review, a PDF file will be posted below under the respective County heading.  Each permit application will be listed by ID number and title, followed by the applicant, project summary, file size and deadline for comments. Click on the permit application ID number and title to download and/or view the application.

NOTE: Due to large file sizes, it is suggested that you save the PDF file to your computer, then open the file.  Attempting to open the PDF file within your browser window, may result in slow performance or cause the browser window to freeze.

Island of Kaua‘i

  • SCAP.5687.2: Stream Channel Alteration Permit Application, Hanalei River, Hanalei, Kaua‘i, TMK: (4) 5-5-010:067
    Applicant: Roger Ross, Hanalei Traders, Inc.
    Landowner: Roger Ross, Hanalei Traders, Inc.
    Project Summary: The project proposes to install a 7-foot high by 450-foot long bio-engineered wall (biowall) along the eroding left bank on Hanalei River at approximately 8 feet above mean sea level. The biowall will be comprised of boulders, geogrid fabric, geotextile bags, and native vegetation plantings. A Stream Channel Alteration Permit (SCAP.3496.2) for this project was issued on March 20, 2018, but has since expired. Hanalei Traders, Inc. was unable to start the project prior to the expiration of that permit due to a catastrophic flood event in April 2018 that caused significant structural damages on the property and resulted in financial hardship. There have been no changes to the project design since the previous approval.
    File Size: 3.6 MB
    Comment deadline: August 7, 2021

Island of O‘ahu

  • No applications pending.

Island of Molokai

  • No applications pending.

Island of Maui

Island of Hawai‘i

  • SDWP.5510.8: After-The-Fact Stream Diversion Works Permit Application, Ka‘ie‘ie Stream, Pāpa‘ikou, Hawai‘i, TMKs: (3) 2-7-006:024 and 2-7-013:025
    Applicant: Palm Valley Farm LLC
    Landowner: Matthew and Alicia Wills
    Project Summary: The diversion was constructed in the 1990s by the previous landowner and approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.  However, the landowner did not obtain a Stream Diversion Works Permit from the Commission on Water Resource Management.  Approximately 0.80 to 3.23 mgd is diverted offstream for hydropower and all water is returned back into the same stream.  The stream diversion is located on TMK (3) 2-7-013:025 and the water returned back into the stream is located at TMK (3) 2-7-006:024.
    File Size: 8.1 MB
    Comment Deadline: April 24, 2021