IFS: Non-Petitioned East Maui Instream Flow Standards

Instream Flow Standards: Non-Petitioned East Maui Streams, Hydrologic Units of Ho‘olawa (6035), Waipi‘o (6036), Hoalua (6038), Hanawana (6039), Kailua (6040), Nailiilihaele (6041), Puehu (6042), Oopuola (6043), Ka‘aiea (6044), Punalu‘u (6045), and Kōlea (6046)

The Commission on Water Resource Management is preparing to amend the interim instream flow standards for eleven non-petitioned streams in East Maui. Provided below are Draft Instream Flow Standard Assessment Reports for each of the eleven hydrologic units. These reports, prepared by the Commission staff, will serve as supporting documentation in a future interim instream flow standard recommendation to the Commission. Please take some time to review the reports and provide the Commission staff with any additional information for inclusion.

Non-Petitioned East Maui Surface Water Hydrologic Units

West Kolea Stream above Wailoa Ditch West Kolea Stream above Wailoa Ditch. The Kolea hydrologic unit is the easternmost boundary for these eleven streams under consideration for amendment.
Oopuola Stream at Center Ditch Intake Oopuola Stream at the Center Ditch Intake.
Waterfall on Kailua Stream above Haiku Ditch An inland waterfall located along Kailua Stream, just above the Haiku Ditch intake.
Hoolawa Stream at Haiku Ditch Ho‘olawa Stream at Haiku Ditch.  The Ho‘olawa hydrologic unit forms the western most boundary for these eleven stream under consideration for amendment.

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Feb. 2021

Draft Instream Flow Standard Assessment Reports: