Na Wai Eha Surface Water Use Permits

Na Wai Eha was designated as a surface water management area on March 13, 2008. Na Wai Eha refers to the four streams in the Wailuku District of Maui: Waihee, Waiehu, Iao, and Waikapu. Any person who is making, or who proposes to make a withdrawal, diversion, impoundment, or consumptive use of surface water in the designated area will be required to apply for a surface water use permit (WUP) from the Commission. However, no WUP is required for domestic consumption (use of water for personal needs and for household purposes) of surface water by individual users, for users on any Maui Department of Water Supply water system, and for the use of rain catchment systems to gather water.

The deadline to submit an application for a permit to continue an existing use of surface water was April 30, 2009. Except for appurtenant rights, failure to apply before the April 30, 2009 deadline creates a presumption of abandonment of the use, and the user, if the user desires to revive the use, must apply for a permit as a proposed new use. An existing user of surface water with a verified appurtenant right will not lose the appurtenant right if the user does not file for a WUP before the April deadline.

To apply for a permit, please visit our Applications & Forms page. Should you have any questions, contact the Commission on Water Resource Management, Stream Protection and Management Branch at (808) 587-0234.

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