Update: Lay net permit requirement now in effect, FAQ and marking directions available

Amendments to the lay net rules (Section 13-75-12.4, Hawaii Administrative Rules) took effect on March 11, 2023, which replaced the lay net registration requirement with an annual lay net permit. From this point on, all users of lay nets in Hawaii will be required to first obtain a lay net permit through the Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR). Each permit will be good for a one-year period (Jul 1 through June 30) and can be renewed annually. The lay net permit is free for Hawaii residents and active duty military, and $25 for non-residents. One permit number will be assigned to each lay net owner and can be used to tag every lay net they own – no need to tag different nets with different numbers. Also, once you have a permit you can obtain additional nets without registering them individually – just tag each new net with your permit number and begin to fish. Permit numbers will not change each time you renew so you will not need to re-tag your nets every year.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is currently developing an online permit portal. However, until the portal is complete, the Department will issue temporary permits from online applications. Please note that if you do not have a working email address, you will need to apply for your permit by contacting your local DAR office by phone or in person. DAR asks that you please obtain your permit before any further use of your lay net.

Update (9/11/23) For more information about the new lay net permit, please view our lay net rules FAQ, and laynet marking directions.