DAR’s education program is designed to:

  • Enhance public understanding of Hawai‘i’s aquatic environments.
  • Develop responsible attitudes and a sense of stewardship toward Hawai‘i’s aquatic resources.
  • Encourage public involvement in conservation issues.
  • Promote safe and ethical aquatic resource-based recreation.

reef walk invertebrates table



Posters and Reference Materials

Posters of pelagic fishes of Hawaii Posters of bottom fishes of Hawaii Posters of Hawaii's jacks and their allies Posters of Marine invertebrates of Hawaii
Posters of nearshore marine fishes of Hawaii Posters of Sharks of Hawaii Posters of Hawaiian Tidepool and Shallow Reef Identification Posters of Native stream animals of Hawaii


Click on the thumbnail image to download a letter-size pdf version of the poster (335-700 KB), Tidepool and Shallow Reef field identification guide (1 MB), or Native Stream Animals fact sheet (4.6 MB).

Posters are available for a nominal fee ($5) at DAR offices only. Sorry, we can’t honor mail order requests.

For Kids

Play the game “Kapu” and save the reef with your pet shark. Click on the image below to get started.

Kapu Game

Reef Defender You can also get the game as a free app called “Reef Defender” for  iPad or  Android.


Book Keiki Angler Book Why is Hawaii's ocean important Download a copy of “The Keiki Angler” (25 pages, pdf, 1.9 MB) or “Why is Hawaii’s Ocean Important? A Keiki Activity Book” (25 pages, pdf, 2.8 MB).



For Teachers

DAR education specialists are available to conduct or assist with various teacher workshops, and for classroom presentations and field experiences on topics related to fisheries management and conservation. Teachers can obtain instructional materials, including posters and identification cards, at no cost from Division offices.

Videos for Teachers

We’ve gone back into our archives and pulled out three videos from the 1990’s that we hope teachers will find useful, as their content is timeless. Sadly, some of the people appearing in these videos have since passed away.
Hawaiian Waters: House of the Shark provides information on shark biology, safety, and cultural significance.
Hawaiian Waters: The Mauka-Makai Lifeline covers stream ecosystems and native stream species.
Nick and Miki’s Semi-Incredible Fishing Adventure features the late Mike Sakamoto teaching a couple of youngsters the basics of shoreline and boat fishing.
In addition to those “vintage” videos,
Tidepooling at Makapu‘u explores and talks about some of the living organisms found in that area. The tidepool identification card shown is the one that can be downloaded above.

Fishing in Hawaii Student Manual

Fishing Education

The Fishing Education program is designed to enhance interest in and concern for freshwater and nearshore marine environments by introducing children and adults to fishing. Emphasis is on conservation and catch-and-release fishing. Topics include fishing gear and methods, fish biology and habitat, fishing safety, conservation, and fisheries management. DAR education specialists work with schools, scouts, community groups, and others, and provide instructional materials, fishing gear, and technical expertise. Available resources include the books “The Keiki Angler” (link above) and “Fishing in Hawai‘i: A Student Manual” (view or download by clicking on the image at right, approx. 4.7 MB).


Education specialists are available for talks on various aquatic resource topics to community groups, fishing clubs, and other interested groups. We also participate in numerous public events, such as fairs, Earth Day celebrations, boat shows, etc. with displays and giveaways. Please contact the education specialist on your island for more information.

The education program also produces and airs 30-second conservation messages on television, which can be viewed on our Public Service Announcements page and the education program’s YouTube channel.

Education staff

See our contacts page for mailing addresses.

Kaua‘iAaron SwinkEducation Specialist808.274.3344 [email protected]
O‘ahuVacantEducation Specialist
Maui CountyAdam WongEducation Specialist808.243.5294 [email protected]
Big IslandJohn KahiapoEducation Specialist808.961.9530 [email protected]

The Division of Aquatic Resources’ Education Program is supported by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Sport Fish Restoration Program, which provides funding to states for a large number of aquatic resource education activities.