Monitoring aquatic species and their ecosystems around the islands produces a steady stream of data every year. A DAR database makes it available for analysis.

DAR hosts the Taʻape Throwdown fishing tournament on Kauaʻi

In July, two Division of Aquatic Resources biologists set off on a 23-day research expedition to study Chondria tumulosa, a nuisance alga.

A settlement was reached with the owners of the Nakoa, with the option to pursue additional penalties against the operators of the grounded luxury yacht.

DAR’s education section has produced a new public service announcement focused on coral reefs and the need to take care of them.

Estuaries connect ecological productivity found in streams to sustainable coastal fishing.

DAR has recently begun utilizing a technique called photogrammetry to create detailed 3D models of coral reefs, individual coral colonies, anchialine pools, and more.

Got Fish? The Hawai`i Marine Recreational Fishing Survey collects critical information on non-commercial fishing activities in Hawai`i with fishers like you.

DLNR-DAR brought several exciting topics to share at the 2023 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference, including coral microfragmentation, updates about the Papahānaumokuākea national marine sanctuary designation and methods to combat invasive seaweed species. Highlights of the conference include DLNR’s Chair, Dawn Chang’s keynote speech and DAR’s Luna Kekoa’s achievement, the Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance Award for Outstanding Leadership.

DAR conducts their annual SNAP surveys in Kāne‘ohe Bay as part of efforts to combat invasive algae.