Hawai‘i Fishing Regulations May 2024. Regulations booklet (pdf, approx. 2 MB).

Mauka to Makai. December 2019. Highlights Division projects (pdf, approx. 12 MB), or view as flipbook.

Fishing in Hawai‘i: A Student Manual. Fishing education program textbook, written for grade 5 through adult. (pdf, approx. 4.7 MB).

Fishes of Hawai‘i. 14 pages of information about popular sport fishes found in Hawai‘i’s marine and fresh waters, taken from “Fishing in Hawai‘i: A Student Manual.” Includes line drawings, description, size, habitat, feeding, seasonality, and fishing methods. (pdf, approx. 2.5 MB).

Getting Involved in Caring for Hawaii’s Coastal Resources: A Community Guidebook. 2006. (pdf, approx. 10.1 MB)

Marine Protected Areas in Hawai‘i. Distributed March 9, 2005. Downloadable in two parts:
Part 1: Main document (14 pages, pdf, approx. 12.9 MB)
Part 2: Center-spread map (pdf, approx. 2.2 MB)

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Management Plan. 2003. (pdf, approx. 2.6 MB)

Interactions of nonindigenous blueline snapper (taape) with native fishery species; Hawai‘i Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, Univ of Hawai‘i. 2000. (pdf, approx. 1.6 MB)

Brochures and Handouts

(pdf files less than 1 MB except where noted)

Hawai‘i ocean acidification action plan overview

Hawai‘i ocean acidification action plan case study

Fishing activity in Hawai‘i during the COVID-19 pandemic (April-May 2020) 

Ānuenue Fisheries Research Center

Coral and live rock rules of Hawai‘i

Tiger Shark Biology and Movement: A Brief Summary. Two-page handout, includes information about the 2012-2013 spike in shark incidents off Maui.

Status of Maui’s coral reefs

Reef fish stocks and fishing impacts in the Hawaiian Islands (pdf, approx. 2.4 MB)

Reef predator movements at the Molokini MLCD and the greater Maui Nui complex

The interaction between predatory reef fish and human use of the Molokini MLCD

Mullet species in Hawai‘i

Kahekili Herbivore Fishery Management Area – Results Brief

Long-term Declines in Abundance of Coral Reef Organisms at Puako, West Hawaii (pdf, approx. 4.6 MB)

Marshallese and Chuukese measurement guides for regulated nearshore species (pdf, approx. 26 MB)


Fish tagging, November 2018

Fish tagging, May 2017

Fish tagging, June 2016