Kahului Harbor, Maui

HAR 13-51

Map of Kahului Harbor

Location Kahului Harbor is the primary port on the northern coast of Maui. The Fisheries Management Area is bounded seaward by a line between the seaward edges of the breakwaters, as shown. Permitted activities shall not be construed as allowing activities within any portion of the harbor which may otherwise be prohibited by laws or rules of the Department of Transportation.
Permitted To use a landing net with stretched mesh of 2 inches or greater to secure hooked or otherwise detained marine life.
To use a hand net while on shore to take shrimp or other marine life, provided the diameter of the net is not more than 8 inches and the handle is not more than 14 inches long.
Prohibited To use any net, except as indicated in permitted activities above.
To take or possess a total of more than 50 marine life per person per day.
To snag any marine life.
To use more than two poles with one line and up to two hooks per pole, each hook having only one point, except that double or treble hooks are allowed with lures.
To take, attempt to take, or possess any marine life from the area or use any fishing gear in the area that may otherwise be prohibited.