Puakō Bay and Puakō Reef

HAR 13-54

Map of Puako Bay and Puako Reef

Location The Puakō Bay and Puakō Reef Fisheries Management Area includes that portion of the reef from the shoreline at the westernmost edge of the boat ramp, along a line drawn parallel with the ramp seaward to the edge of the fringing reef north of Puakō Point, then southwesterly following the fringing reef a minimum seaward distance of 250 yards or to the edge of the fringing reef if one occurs beyond 250 yards, to a line due west of the small cove at the southern end of Puakō Beach Road.
Permitted To possess aboard any boat or watercraft transiting through the area any legal fishing gear and any fish or other aquatic organism taken outside of the area.
With a permit to engage in activities otherwise prohibited by law for scientific, propagation or other purposes.
Prohibited To possess or use any type of net except thrownet.
To engage or attempt to engage in fish feeding.