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Chapter 13-74,
“License and Permit Provisions and Fees for Fishing, Fish, and Fish Products”

Provided comprehensive updates to licenses and permits including updated fee schedules and 3 new licenses: A Nonresident Recreational Marine Fishing License, a Commercial Marine Vessel License, and a Commercial Marine Dealer License

Effective 5/2/24

The new licenses will be implemented as follows:

🐟Commercial Marine Vessel License Spring 2024
🐟Commercial Marine Dealer License Fall 2024
🐟Non-resident Recreational Marine Fishing License Fall 2024

See Past Rulemaking page
Chapter 13-60.11,
“Kīpahulu Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area, Maui”

Established the Kīpahulu Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area, Maui

Effective 3/25/24 See Past Rulemaking page
Chapter 13-31, “Molokini Shoal Marine Life Conservation District, Maui”
Chapter 13-230, “General Provisions”
Chapter 13-257, “Day-Use Mooring Rules”

Provided crucial amendments and additions to the rules for the Molokini MLCD and Day-Use Mooring program

Effective March 15, 2024 See Past Rulemaking page
Chapter 13-95, “Rules Regulating the Taking and Selling of Certain Marine Resources”

The primary purpose of this rulemaking action was a request to amend HAR chapter 13-95 for enhanced protections of important herbivore fish species and for updated pāpaʻi kualoa (Kona Crab) rules to match the recently amended relevant statutory language.

Effective February 22, 2024 See Past Rulemaking page
Chapter 13-78, “Ocean Stewardship User Fee”

This rulemaking action was a request to adopt HAR chapter 13-78, establishing provisions for the Ocean Stewardship User Fee.

Effective January 12, 2024

See Past Rulemaking page

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