12/21/16 – Notice to Providers of Professional Legal Services as an Administrative Hearings Officer

Posted on Dec 21, 2016 in News Releases

(Chapter 103D-304, Hawaii Revised Statutes)

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) may require qualified professional to provide legal service as an administrative hearing officer during the second half of Fiscal Year 2017 (January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017).

Submittal Requirements

Firms or individuals interested in being considered for selection and who are qualified to provide such service are requested to submit an application to the department, including one (1) copy of each of the following:

  1. Letter  of   Interest    (on   company   letterhead)   signed   and   dated   by   an   authorized representative;
  2. Completed and signed DPW Form 120 (rev. 6/99) or Federal Standard Form 330; NOTE: A DPW Form 120 may be obtained at the Kalanimoku Building, Room 221, 1151 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, downloaded from https://hawaii.gov/forms/department-of­ accounting and-general-services/cip-dpw-120/view or by calling (808) 587-0230;
  1. Any other promotional or descriptive literature desired (optional); and
  2. Any other information specific to the discipline that would aid in qualifying your application (optional).


NOTE: Submittals missing any or all of items above will be deemed incomplete and will not be reviewed or considered until all items are received.

NOTE: If you or your firm have previously submitted an application for this fiscal year to provide legal service to the department as an administrative hearing officer, you need not submit again.

Deliver or mail documents to:
Mr. Bin C. Li, Administrative Proceedings Office
Department of Land and Natural Resources
1151 Punchbowl Street, Room 130
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Facsimile or e-mail submittals will not be accepted.
DLNR will not be responsible for lost or misdirected mail or delivery.


Submittal Deadlines

Completed submittals must be received at the above address and time stamped by 4:30 p.m., January 6, 2017.


General Information 

  • If, during the Fiscal Year, there are any changes to contact information, company status, or qualifications to provide services, such information should be submitted to the delivery address as soon as possible.
  • The selection of professionals will be made in accordance with Section 103D-304, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) and Subchapter 7 of Chapter 3-122, Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR), as
    The selection criteria employed in descending order of importance shall be:
  1. Experience and professional qualifications relevant to the project type and
  2. Past performance on projects of similar scope for public agencies or private industry.
  3. Capacity to accomplish the work in the required
  4. Any other criteria as determined by the selection committee to be relevant or
  • At the time of contract award, the selected professional service provider will be required to provide a tax clearance, labor certificate, and a Certificate of Good Standing as required in HRS §103D-3IO(c) and HAR §3-122-112. In lieu of these three certificates, the selected professional service provider may submit an original CERTIFICATE OF VENDOR COMPLIANCE issued via an online system known as “Hawaii Compliance Express” and operated by the State’s Portal Manager. For details and registration regarding this online application process, see: https://vendors.ehawaii.gov/hce/
  • Contributions by State and County Contractors Prohibited – If awarded a contract in response to this solicitation, the selected professional service provider agrees to comply with HRS §11-355, which states that campaign contributions are prohibited from a State and county government contractor during the term of the contract if the contractor is paid with funds appropriated by the legislative body between the execution of the contract through the completion of the contract. For more information, contact the Campaign Spending Commission at (808) 586-0285 or visit: https://hawaii.gov/campaign/

DLNR reserves the right to cancel this request for application, to reject any or all applications in whole or part, and to waive any defects in said applications in the best interest of the State.


/s/ SUZANNE D. CASE, Chairperson
Department of Land and Natural Resources
PNS Date: December 21, 2016

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