IFS: 6023 – Waiehu Stream, Maui

Instream Flow Standard: Hydrologic Unit of Waiehu (6023)

Instream Flow Standard

Location / Notes
1.55 1.0 North Waiehu Stream: The IIFS is measured just below the existing North Waiehu diversion structure located just above the Waihe‘e Ditch.
South Waiehu Stream: The Commission’s Order adopted on April 21, 2014, set the IIFS below the Spreckels Ditch diversion. The sluice gate on the South Waiehu diversion structure has been set to allow sufficient water to enter the diversion ditch during low stream flows to result in approximately 250,000 gpd to flow from the diversion ditch to the kuleana intake, with the remainder of the low flows being returned to the stream.


Gaging (Reference Stations)