IFS: 6024 – Wailuku River, Maui

Instream Flow Standard: Hydrologic Unit of ‘Īao (6024)

Instream Flow Standard

Location / Notes
15.47 10.0 The IIFS just below the diversion operated by Wailuku Water Company on ‘Īao Stream (Wailuku River) above the ‘Īao-Waikapu and the ‘Īao-Maniania Ditches shall be 10 mgd.
<15.47 to 9.44 < 10.0 to 6.1 When the average daily flow measured at USGS stream-gauge station 16604500 on ‘Īao Stream is between 15 mgd and 10 mgd and has continued in that range for three consecutive days, the greater of one-third (1/3) of the stream flow or 3.9 mgd may be diverted for noninstream use until the flow returns to 15 mgd or above.
10.21 or less 6.6 or less When the average flow for any day falls below 10 mgd, commencing the next day and continuing until the average daily flow returns to at least 10 mgd, 3.4 mgd may be diverted for noninstream use.