Administrative Rules

Title 13 Department of Land and Natural Resources

Subtitle 4 Fisheries

Administrative Rules are regulations established by the department through an extensive public review and hearing process. The procedure for administrative rules is set by Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 91. A proposed rule (or amendment) is drafted by the department, approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) for public meetings/hearings, and reviewed by the Department of the Attorney General (AG). Then the draft is taken out to public meetings and/or hearings, where the public can give formal testimony on the draft rule. The rule is revised, if necessary, and then submitted to the Board of Land and Natural Resources for final approval. Then it is reviewed again by the AG, and after signing by the Governor and filing with the Lieutenant Governor, it has the effect of law. The following administrative rules are provided for general informational purposes only. These are unofficial copies. Official copies may be obtained from Division of Aquatic Resources and Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement offices statewide. Copies of the rules are also available for viewing in State public libraries. The rules are listed by chapter numbers under each part. The title is given for each one to help you find the one you want. Click on the underlined title to view or download the rule. Please note: some of the figures are in landscape (horizontal) format for easier viewing on the screen. The rules may be obtained from the links below in pdf format to preserve the formatting.

Draft rules are on the Draft Rules and Public Notices page.

Part I – Marine Life Conservation Districts

28Hanauma Bay Marine Life Conservation District, O‘ahu
29Kealakekua Bay Marine Life Conservation District, Hawai‘i
30Mānele-Hulopo‘e Marine Life Conservation District, Lāna‘i
31Molokini Shoal Marine Life Conservation District, Maui
32Honolua-Mokulē‘ia Bay Marine Life Conservation District, Maui
33Lapakahi Marine Life Conservation District, Hawai‘i
34Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District, O‘ahu
35Wailea Bay Marine Life Conservation District, Hawai‘i
36Waikīkī Marine Life Conservation District, O‘ahu
37Old Kona Airport Marine Life Conservation District, Hawai‘i
38Wai‘ōpae Tidepools Marine Life Conservation District, Hawai‘i

Part II – Marine Fisheries Management Areas

47Hilo Bay, Wailoa River, and Wailuku River, Hawai‘i
48Waikīkī-Diamond Head Shoreline Fisheries Management Area, O‘ahu
49Hanamā‘ulu Bay and Ahukini Recreation Pier, Kaua‘i
49.5Port Allen, Kaua‘i
49.6Nawiliwili Harbor, Kaua‘i
50Waimea Bay and Waimea Recreational Pier, Kaua‘i
51Kahului Harbor, Maui
52Kailua Bay, Hawai‘i
53Mānele Harbor, Lāna‘i
54Puakō Bay and Puakō Reef, Hawai‘i
55Kawaihae Harbor, Hawai‘i
56Kaunakakai Harbor, Moloka‘i
57Keauhou Bay, Hawai‘i
58Kona Coast, Hawai‘i
60Kīholo Bay, Hawai‘i
60.10Miloli‘i Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area
60.11Kīpahulu Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area
60.4West Hawai‘i Regional Fishery Management Area
60.41West Hawai‘i Pāku‘iku‘i Replenishment
60.5Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine Refuge
60.7Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries Management Area
60.8Hā‘ena Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area
Part 2

Part III – Freshwater Fisheries Management Areas

61Nu‘uanu Freshwater Fishing Refuge, O‘ahu
62Wahiawa Public Fishing Area, O‘ahu
63Waiākea Public Fishing Area, Hawai‘i
64Kōke‘e Public Fishing Area, Kaua‘i
65Wailua Reservoir Public Fishing Area, Kaua‘i

Part IV – Fisheries Resource Management

73Fish Aggregating Devices
74License and Permit Provisions and Fees for Fishing, Fish, and Fish Products
75Rules Regulating the Possession and Use of Certain Fishing Gear
76Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species
77O‘ahu Aquarium Life Management
78Ocean Stewardship User Fee

Part V – Protected Marine Fisheries Resources

84Samoan crab (repealed)
86.1Sea cucumbers
89Spiny lobster and slipper lobster (repealed)
90Nehu for Family Consumption
91Pink, Gold and Black Corals
94Bottomfish Management
95Rules Regulating the Taking and Selling of Certain Marine Resources
95.1Island-Based Fisheries Rules

Part VI – Protected Freshwater Fisheries Resources

99Introduced Freshwater Fishes
100‘O'opu and hinana