Aquatic Resource bills introduced in the 2022 State Legislature

The following bills are being tracked by DAR, and we are providing testimony on them. Click on the links provided to view the bill and its status. Interested parties are encouraged to provide their own testimony through the Hawaii State Legislature website. See the “Help and Information” links on the right side of the page, below the image of the capitol.

Strengthen aquatic resource penalties
Authorizes the imposition of a criminal fine for violations involving aquatic resources. Establishes a tiered administrative fine system for each specimen of aquatic life taken, killed, or injured. Establishes a criminal fine structure on a per-specimen basis for violations involving aquatic life. Authorizes DLNR to recommend community service that benefits the resource damaged when a person is ordered to perform community service in lieu of a fine. HB1653, SB2761

Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) funding
Provides funds to DLNR to support the deployment, replacement, and maintenance of FADs. HB1930, SB2767

Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) carrying capacity study
Requires DLNR to establish and conduct the Pupukea MLCD carrying capacity pilot program. Appropriates moneys. HB1981, SB3330

Appropriates funds to support DLNR’s hatchery program to provide fingerlings for restoration and restocking of fishponds. HB2199, SB3378
Requires DLNR to utilize the current state-of-the-art knowledge in marine finfish hatchery production to establish a functional system to provide pua ʻama and pua awa to stock loko iʻa. SB2023

Drone fishing
Prohibits the possession or use of unmanned aerial vehicles in state waters for purposes of fishing. SB2065

Aquarium Harvest
Ban take of marine life for commercial aquarium purposes. HB2362, SB2851
Increase fine for aquarium violations. SB2925

Nuʻuanu Reservoir
Requires DLNR to designate the Nuuanu Reservoir Number Four as a state recreation area. Requires the Hawaii Invasive Species Council to amend administrative rules regarding the movement of invasive species to allow the stocking of certain fish in the Nuuanu Reservoir Number Four for recreational fishing. Appropriates funds. SB2074

Fisher Harassment
Prohibits purposeful harassment with the intent to prevent the taking of fish from persons who are fishing in state waters. SB2924

Transportation of Marine Life
Prohibits any person from using a state-owned road, street, or highway to transport: (1) endangered marine species harvested from state waters for commercial purposes; and (2) marine species harvested from state waters for non-subsistence commercial purposes. SB3275

Other Aquatics Bills

Ban additional chemicals. HB1519, HB2357, SB2850, SB2949, SB3001
Establish a dispenser pilot program. SB2319
Provide funding for dispensers at all state beaches. SB2910

Ban single use plastics HB1706

Gives HDOA authority to govern the business of aquaculture and regulate aquaculture products. HB1724, SB2284

Ban sale, import, export of coral products HB1988

In lieu fee mitigation authority SB204

Expand use of Ocean Stewardship Fund for beach restoration projects and beach cleanup. SB2135

Ban large landowners from producing runoff SB2619

Update on 2021 aquatic resource-related bills
View or download an update on the status of 2021 Aquatic Resources bills, as of January 2022.