DAR proposes opening four bottomfish restricted fishing areas

The Division of Aquatic Resources will submit the following agenda item at the January 11, 2019 meeting of the Board of Land and Natural Resources:

“Request to open the following existing Main Hawaiian Islands Bottomfish Restricted Fishing Areas (BRFAs): BRFA C (Poipu, Kauai), BRFA F (Penguin Banks), BRFA J (Hana, Maui) and BRFA L (Leleiwi, Hawaii Island); and Request to delegate to the Chairperson the authority to implement the decision.”

The Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) is taking a conservative approach in proposing to repeal four of the 12 BRFAs. To determine which BRFAs to repeal, DAR took into account a number of factors, including habitat value, fishery return, enforceability, and safety. DAR initiated a survey that solicited opinions of registered bottomfishers, and considered recommendations by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council. Another major factor taken into account was equity for fishing opportunities at the county level. Based on the factors considered, DAR recommends repealing the following BRFAs: “C” (Poipu, Kauai County), “F” (Penguin Banks, Honolulu County), “J” (Hana, Maui County), and “L” (Leleiwi, Hawaii Island).

The agenda will be published approximately one week before the meeting on the Board’s website.