New rules for uhu, manini, kole, kala, and Kona crab now in effect

manini grazing

New rules regarding certain herbivore fishes and Kona crab are now in effect.

  • Minimum size for manini is increased from 5 to 6 inches.
  • Kole is designated a regulated species with a minimum size of 5 inches.
  • Kala (all three species of horned unicornfish) have a daily bag limit of 4 per person; new commercial rules added.
  • Uhu have a daily bag limit of 2 total all species; large uhu (‘ele‘ele/palukaluka/redlip/whiptail and uliuli/‘aha‘ula/spectacled/fantail) minimum size 14 inches, all other species 10 inches; new commercial rules added. Take of terminal phase uhu ‘ele‘ele and uhu uliuli still prohibited on Maui.
  • Kona crab restriction against taking of females is lifted, and the closed season is extended through September.

The changes are detailed on the Marine Fishes and Marine Invertebrates pages of this website, and will be included in the next revision of the Hawaii Fishing Regulations booklet.