Statewide scoping meetings for herbivore management

The Division of Aquatic Resources encourages interested people to sign up to participate in statewide herbivore management virtual scoping meetings. You can be part of the discussion to better protect our reefs by participating in these meetings for statewide herbivore management.

Ten virtual scoping meetings will be held via Zoom® starting in November.  There will be two meetings hosted by each DAR district office (Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Maui Nui, West Hawaiʻi, and East Hawaiʻi). When you register, indicate in which district scoping meeting you would like to participate. Each meeting will follow the agenda below.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Video presentation
  2. Initial Q&A about the process
  3. Facilitated discussion hosted by DAR
  4. Share-back and recap of discussions
  5. Q&A
  6. Next steps


Register Here

Confirmation emails with a Zoom® link to your desired session will be sent out on or before the date of your meeting.  

This is DAR’s first step towards statewide herbivore management. Public participation is essential and your input in this process will inform future decision making.

For more information about herbivores and their role on our reefs, visit this page.