Division Overview

The DAR manages the state’s aquatic resources and ecosystems through programs in ecosystem management, place-based management, and fisheries management. Major program areas include projects to:

  • protect and restore the aquatic environment;
  • protect threatened and endangered aquatic species and their habitat;
  • conserve and restore endemic and indigenous aquatic species and their habitat;
  • combat the introduction of invasive species and reduce their impact on ecosystems;
  • effectively manage fisheries; and
  • carry out education and outreach to the public.

Download the Division’s Accomplishment Reports for the calendar years 2021, 2022, and 2023.

See examples of the Division’s Sport Fish Restoration projects or download an overview (pdf). 

Download the November 2018 ‘Aha Pilina program, with abstracts of presentations about various Division projects. (pdf file, 3.1 MB)