Ala Wai Canal, Kapālama Canal

HRS 188-35
Map of Ala Wai Canal Map of Kapalama Canal

Location Ala Wai Canal is located immediately north of Waikīkī, and for the purposes described here includes the Manoa-Pālolo drainage canal at the mouth of Manoa and Pālolo Streams. Kapālama Canal is located at the mouth of Kapālama Stream, north of Sand Island.
Permitted To take any legal size fish in season with one line, or one rod and line, with no more than two hooks.
To take crabs with not more than 10 nets, provided the nets are not more than two feet in diameter.
To take shrimp for bait with a hand net, provided that the net is not more than three feet in any dimension.
Within the Ala Wai Canal only, take up to 50 “tabai” or mosquito fish, ‘o‘opu akupa, tilapia or a combination thereof per day for non-commercial purposes, with a single small mesh net, provided the net including the handle and any attachment is not more than three feet in any dimension.
Commercial Marine licensees with a Bait License may take nehu, iao, and other authorized baitfish for bait purposes.
Licensed pond owners or operators may take young mullet (pua) or other small fish for stocking their fishpond.
Prohibited To fish in or take aquatic life, except as indicated in permitted activities above.