ALA WAI RFP 2019 – Question and Answer Page

This page was last updated 5/01/19.


Q. Are the building code requirements for parking applicable? 

A. Yes.


Q. How many parking spaces are currently present in: (i) Mole 1, (ii) Mole 2, (iii) Parcel A, and (iv) Parcel D?

A. The current number of stalls on Mole 1 is 132 permit parking stalls + 94 paid parking stalls, and Mole 2 contains 71 permit parking stalls and 100 free stalls.


Q. What is the minimum number of parking spaces that must be maintained as part of a development?

A. Please see page 10 of the RFP, RETENTION OF HARBOR FUNCTIONS.


Q. Are there any additional parking requirements related to the particular use on a parcel?  (e.g. Are there any applicable parking ratios for retail or restaurant uses?).

A. Please refer to the C&C of Honolulu’s Land Use Ordinance.


Q: In its description of Parcel A and Mole 1the RFP omits mention of the existing restroom buildings located within each of those areas. Given that omission,itis possible that a respondent to the RFP may reasonably assume it is the State’s intent to exclude those existing facilities from the provisions of the RFP. Will you be correcting these errors of fact in an addendum to the RFP, or will such corrections be communicated to potential respondents in some other way?

A: Please refer to RETENTION OF HARBOR FUNCTIONS on page 10 of the RFP. Mole must retain 1, 134 permit parking and 94 paid parking stalls, while Mole 2 must retain 71 permit parking stalls and 100 free recreational parking stalls.  Restrooms that are part of the harbor office as well as all current public comfort stations/showers that are part of the harbor need to be part of the proposed development – either kept the same or a comparable facility in approximate area.


Q: We also note that the RFP requires provision of only five boat trailer stalls for non-emergency use. This seems to omit mention of the approximately 37 boat trailer stalls (of various lengths) currently available for use, some of which are used by permit for long-term dry storage of vessels on trailers. Given the high demand for such boat trailer stalls (e.g.,on wei;?ends there frequently none available for day use), is it the State’s intention to reduce the number of boat trailer stalls available for use?

A: Currently there are 22 trailer storage and 15 launch ramp parking stalls at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor. The RFP requires  the retention of 5 ramp parking stalls.


Q: The Notice of Intent asks for a list of names and ownership interests of individuals or organizations with at least a 10% ownership interest in the applicant. What if the ownership interest changes after the submittal of the Notice of Interest?

A: Please refer to the bolded section of page 13 of the RFP, which states:

“ The applicant shall be the entity with whom DOBOR would enter into a development agreement and potential lease.  If any of the above is different from the information provided in the Notice of Intent, please explain.

 If the entity or the ownership interests of the entity that will enter the development agreement and potential lease is or will be different from that of the applicant as disclosed in the response to this phase of the RFP, DOBOR may deem it to be an assignment of the rights acquired by the applicant pursuant to this RFP requiring the approval of the Board of Land and Natural Resources.”


Q. There is a Bill in the legislature to allow for a public private agreement to help DOBOR manage the AWSBH operations to provide service for boaters. This would include management of the slips.  It would be separate from the current RFP.  It would have to go out to bid.  What is the number for the Bill currently in the legislature?

A. HB-1032


Q. Why was the fuel dock pulled out of the RFP?

A. In the past, fuel dock operations have not been successful and DOBOR did not want to put in a requirement that could be detrimental to the development. If someone could make it work, that would be fine.


Q. Does the store go with the fuel dock?

A. Yes, it is currently under a (month-to-month) Revocable Permit, which can be pulled with 30-days notice.


Q. Is there a possibility of taking apart the RFP to operate the fuel dispensary?

A. At this time, the area would remain part of the RFP. However, if for some reason we do not get an RFP that is acceptable, then it might be possible to break apart the RFP into separate agreements.  We prefer dealing with one developer.


Q. What are you looking for from the developer regarding sea level rises?

A. This is a requirement from the Legislature. It is something that should be taken into consideration when making your proposal.


Q. What did you have in mind for Moles 1 & 2?

A. The Moles were included in the RFP to see if something could be done with them to generate revenue. It is included, but not necessary.  A plan for these areas would be given more weight.  One idea was to put PV panels above the parking.  The number of bathrooms and restroom facilities, on the Moles, would have to remain the same.     


Q. Is the parking concession part of the current RFP or separate?

A. It is not included in the current RFP. It is currently under an agreement with Diamond Parking until 1/31/2020.  There are currently approximately 900 stalls.  They are a combination of free, permitted and metered stalls. 


Q. Is it possible to redo the parking plan?

A. The current parking plan was approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR). Developers can propose changes to the configuration, but it would have to receive approval from BLNR.  Some land board members are adamant about providing free parking to the public.


Q. Does the Harbor Master’s office have to remain in the same place?

A. We need a Harbor Master office and storage of the same size, but they do not have to remain in the same locations.


Q. Who owns the covered parking under the Ilikai?

A. DOBOR owns the metered parking.


Q. Is the lagoon public or private?

A. The lagoon is open to the public. It is owned by the state and is leased to Hilton Hawaiian Village (HHV).  HHV is required to maintain the lagoon.


Q. Can something be proposed for the roadway from Ala Moana Blvd, between Parcel B and Princeville Hotel, such as new sidewalks?

A. Yes. We are open to improvements that would enhance the harbor. Parcel B has already been sub-divide.  A lot of the paper work has already been done.  The selected developer would enter into an agreement with DOBOR.  There would be a monthly fee for tying up the property during the due diligence period.  They would be required to comply with chapter 343 and permitting.


Q. Would a new Harbormaster’s office be coterminous with the agreement?

A. Yes. DOBOR would be a tenant.  The space does not have to be furnished.  We would not expect to be paying rent for that space.  Some have suggested that the Harbormaster’s office be located on the old fuel pier.


Q. If someone took over the slips. Would there need to be a Harbormaster?

A. A Harbormaster would not be necessary if a private entity took over management of the slips. We would prefer that a developer take over management of Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor.


Q. Does the developer get control over the submerged lands adjacent to the haul out, fuel dock and Harbormaster office?

A. Those areas are available, but the developer does not get control over those lands. We would need a concurrent resolution from the Legislature for those submerged to be included in the development lease.  However, if HB 1032 goes through then we can lease the submerged lands without a concurrent resolution.


Q. Are the Waikiki Yacht Club and Hawaii Yacht Club areas available for development.

A. No. They area currently under long term leases.


Q. If you are not able to get a submerged land concurrent resolution to go with the development lease, are the submerged lands still available for use.

A. Yes, the submerged lands would still be available for use via district harbor charges.


Q. Are current costs for operation available?

A. Yes.


Q. How much does the RPF relate to the DTL study?

A. Originally, there were complaints about not getting enough community input. Since we are not developers, DTL was hired to do outreach and get community input.  The results of the DTL study were included in the RFP.


Q. If there’s a management company, does the state still want a cut of the slip fees?

A. Yes. The percentage would be subject to negotiations.


Q. When will we know the outcome of HB-1032?

A. HB-1031 is due April 29, 2019. If HB-1032 is approved, then it would go to the governor to be signed.


Q. If it is signed into law, could it be included in the current proposal?

A. No, it would have to be treated separately.


Q. Could a first right of refusal based on the approval of HB-1032, be included in a development proposal?

A. We would have to check with the AG’s office.


Q. What is different about the current RFP and the Honey Bee RFP?

A. The Honey Bee had only 2 parcels, a haul out and fuel dock. Honey Bee ran into trouble because they could not get EPA approval.  The haul out and fuel docks were left out of the current RFP to remove some of the previous challenges.


Q. Would the current parking agreement for Moles 1 & 2 have to be honored?

A. Yes, Diamond Parking currently has a lease until 1/31/2020.


Q. Are there limits regarding parking rates?

A. The state is linked to county rates.


Q. If the parking is leased to a developer, would the county rates still apply?

A. It may not be.


Q. Does the citation rate have to be the same as the county?

A. No. Currently, a contractor has a contract with the state to tow and make fees.


Q. Can we charge a fee for using the launch?

A. Yes. There is a fee structure statewide for the use of launches. 


This page was last updated 5/01/19.