Vessel Liens

DOBOR implemented vessel titling on July 1, 2021.  Hawaii vessel titles will now display whether a lien is attached to the vessel named in the title, excluding mechanic’s liens.  The lien holder will be the title owner until the lien is removed.  The person who is responsible for paying off the lien will be named as the registered owner and will be able to operate the vessel on Hawaii ocean waters.

Please note that DOBOR is not the agency responsible for recording or removing liens.  In order to remove a lien holder from a Hawaii vessel title, an owner must provide DOBOR with a properly completed Form UCC3 that has been recorded with the appropriate recording agency from the state where the lienholder is located, or other proper paperwork showing that the lien has been removed.

For more information on a vessel lien, registered owners should contact the lien holder or appropriate recording agency of the state where the lien holder is located.



This page was last updated on 8/12/21.