Please note that if a vessel is being registered for the first time or transferred, vessel registration forms should not be mailed to DOBOR. The applicant must submit them in person and provide proof of identity at the time of submission. On the Big Island, Kaua`i, and Maui, this transaction can be done at any DOBOR harbor or District Office.

On O`ahu, this transaction can only be done at the DOBOR administrative offices located at 4 Sand Island Access Road in Honolulu. Acquire the official form at the nearest DOBOR facility.

Fill it in completely and submit in person with
1) proof of ownership (bill of sale, notice of transfer, manufacturer’s statement of origin, etc.), and 2) a valid form of identification (driver’s license, State of Hawai`i ID card).  

Please note that:

-as of 7/1/16 the signature of the seller on all bills of sale/notices of sale must be notarized;

-no vessel registration shall be renewed or transferred if the registered owner is delinquent in payment of any moneys due to the department or has a pending citation for violation of department rules;

-a boat owner is required to report a change of ownership and address within seven (7) days. 

DOBOR will accept cash, checks (pre-printed with address and phone number) and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only) as forms of payment.

If you have any additional questions about what is required to process your vessel registration form or the change of status form, please call (808) 587-1970 or the nearest DOBOR office. See a listing of DOBOR offices throughout the islands.

If you just need to re-register your vessel you can do so by mail using the registration notice DOBOR send in the mail.

VESSEL REGISTRATION FORM 2021 (672KB PDF) To register/title a vessel and to apply for a certificate of number/certificate of title for any undocumented vessel used principally in Hawaii.  New registration, titling, and transfers must be done in person.  Please print this form on white paper.  Signatures should be in blue ink.
Vessel Notice of Sale (445K PDF) To document sale of a vessel between two parties, for transfer of vessel registration.  Notarized signature (seller)  required after 7/1/16.   Not accepted for any vessels that have a Hawaii title – owners must use the fields provided on the title to transfer ownership.
Change of Status (36K PDF) To report a change of address, to report a boat that was sold, lost, destroyed, abandoned, documented, stolen or removed from the State.


The following forms may be relayed via mail or hand delivered to the appropriate DOBOR harbors.  Please note that some forms must bear an original signature.

APPLICATION FOR A BOAT HARBOR AGREEMENT AND USE PERMIT To apply for a mooring in a DOBOR-managed facility.
APPLICATION FOR COMMERCIAL INSTRUCTOR/OPERATOR PERMIT To apply for a permit to operate specific vessels or provide instruction for various ocean recreation activities (surfing, sailboard, canoe, kayak, diving, etc.)
APPLICATION FOR CONSTRUCTION OF STRUCTURE Must be submitted and approved prior to any construction or modification of an existing structure.
APPLICATION FOR DRY STORAGE To apply for dry storage on a DOBOR-managed property.
PROOF OF HAWAI`I RESIDENCY Must be submitted with wait-list and mooring permit applications.



To apply for a Commercial Use Permit.

Complete the COMMERCIAL USE QUESTIONNAIRE and submit it along with your application for a Commercial Use Permit.

APPLICATION FOR HOT WORK PERMIT Required for any welding or burning operation on a DOBOR-managed property.
APPLICATION FOR PRINCIPLE HABITATION PERMIT Required for any live-aboard at Keehi and Ala Wai SBH (Oahu only).

Registration is required for recreational equipment used in an ORMA.
APPLICATION TO REMOOR To be submitted when requesting relocation to a different berth in the same harbor.
APPLICATION FOR A TEMPORARY MOORING To apply for a temporary mooring while searching for a permanent mooring.
APPLICATION FOR WAIT LIST To be placed on the wait list for a mooring in a harbor or off-shore mooring.
Printable PDF (64K)
Fillable PDF (56K)
Registration required for foreign, out of state and neighbor island vessels mooring in a DOBOR facility.
Temporary Absence Application Form (130K PDF) Temporary Absence Application Form is required if your vessel will be removed from your slip or offshore mooring for greater than 14 days.
Passenger Report (176K PDF) To file for landings at Lahaina SBH, Kailua Pier, and Manele SBH.


The following forms may be relayed to DOBOR as noted.

Mala Tenant Registration Form Sign-up online as an existing tenant at Mala Wharf for notifications.
Public Auction Mailing List Application To be placed on the mailing list to receive notification of a public auction, please download, fill out this form and send it to the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation, C/O: Property Management, 4 Sand Island Access Road, Honolulu, HI 96819


The following forms may be relayed to DOBOR via mail or fax.

MOWE Permits– To apply for a permit to host a sailing regatta, marine parade, boat race, exhibition, surf contest, etc., submit a Marine/Ocean Waters Event Permit application to the DOBOR District Office in the district where the event will be held.Boating

Accident Reports should be filled in as completely a possible whenever there is an accident involving a vessel, PWC, etc. and the damage is estimated to be in excess of $2000 (changed from $200 to $2000 as of 12/31/18). All reports are confidential. Information relayed to DOBOR is entered into the USCG’s Boating Accident Report Database (BARD). These completed forms should be sent to the DOBOR administrative Office at 4 Sand Island Access Road, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96819, attn: Boating Safety Education Specialist.

Marine Event Permit For all marine events in waters off of Oahu. To apply for a permit for a marine event for O`ahu District only.
Marine Event Permit For all marine events in waters off of Hawaii Island. To apply for a permit for a marine event for Hawai`i District only.
Marine Event Permit For all marine events in waters off of Maui Island. To apply for a permit for a marine event for Maui District only.
Marine Event Permit For all marine events in waters off of Kauai Island. To apply for a permit for a marine event for Kauai  District only.
Form LNR-3-027 Boating Accident Report This form has been replaced by CG-3865 Boating Accident Report  Form (below). 
CG-3865 Boating Accident Report (668K PDF) A boating accident report is required by law when there is 1) loss of life; 2) a disappearance of a person; 3) injury beyond first aid (administered on-site), there is 4) a total loss of a vessel or damage exceeds $2000 (increased from $200 to $2000 on 12/31/18 per rule amendment).  A diving accident in which the victim willingly left the vessel prior to the accident does not need to be recorded on an CG-3865 accident report form.  Completed forms should be delivered or mailed to the DOBOR Admin building, 4 Sand Island Access Road, Honolulu HI 96819, attention “accident report.”  Forms can also be faxed to 808-587-1977 (attention “accident report”).  On the neighbor islands, residents can deliver forms to the respective DOBOR district office. The posted form was updated 9/18 and can be used through 7/31/2022.

Kailua Pier Parking – Commercial Boater (220K PDF) Parking application for commercial boaters with a current permit to operate from the Hawai`i District’s Kailua Pier and offshore moorings only.
Kailua Pier Access – Ground Transportation (220K PDF) Parking Application for ground transportation operators and free shuttles to coordinate the transportation of cruise ship passengers in Hawai`i District’s Kailua Pier only.
Kailua Pier – Maintenance Request (41K PDF) Maintenance Request is used to request/report maintenance issues on Hawai`i District’s Kailua Pier only.


Notify DLNR/DOBOR and its partners about the presence of large, non-natural objects (cargo nets, shipping containers, fuel and air tanks, abandoned vessels, etc.) along our shoreline with the Marine Debris Report Form.

Please note: information you submit through this form is shared between divisions within DLNR, researchers at the University of Hawaii, NOAA, Non-Government Organizations and other agencies that manage marine debris and Aquatic Invasive Species.  Your contact information is kept confidential.