More registration & titling information is available here.

If you have any additional questions, please call (808) 587-1970 or the nearest DOBOR District Office.  Contact information is available here.

Application for Vessel Registration and/or Title
(Fillable PDF)
To register/title a vessel and to apply for a certificate of number/certificate of title for any undocumented vessel used principally in Hawaii.  New registration, titling, and transfers must be done in-person.  Please print this form on white paper.  Signatures should be in blue ink.
Application for Replacement Vessel Title For an owner or secured party to request a replacement vessel title.
Vessel Notice of Sale (No longer accepted for titled vessels) To document sale of a vessel between two parties, for transfer of vessel registration.  Notarized signature (seller)  required after 7/1/16.   Not accepted for any vessels that have a Hawaii title – owners must use the fields provided on the title to transfer ownership.
Change of Status To report a change of address, to report a boat that was sold, lost, destroyed, abandoned, documented, stolen or removed from the State.


Please submit to the appropriate DOBOR District Office.
Note: some forms must bear an original signature (scans not accepted).

Application for Commercial Instructor/Operator Permit To apply for a permit to operate specific vessels or provide instruction for various ocean recreation activities (surfing, sailboard, canoe, kayak, diving, etc.)
Application for Commercial Use Permit To apply for a Commercial Use Permit.
Commercial Use Questionnaire must also be submitted with all Commercial Use Permit applications.
Application for ORMA Equipment Registration For commercial equipment used in an ORMA.
Application for ORMA Use Permit For commercial operations in an ORMA.
Gross Receipt Reporting Form For commercial permittees to report their monthly gross receipt amounts.  Updated January 2022.
Passenger Count Reporting Form For fees charged pursuant to HAR 13-234-26 (relating to cruise operations). Updated 1/5/2022.


Please submit to the appropriate DOBOR Harbor Office.
Note: some forms must bear an original signature (scans not accepted).

Application for Construction of Structure Must be submitted and approved prior to any construction or modification of an existing structure.
Application for Dry Storage To apply for dry storage on a DOBOR-managed facility.
Application for Harbor Mooring Permit To apply for a mooring in a DOBOR-managed facility.  Proof of Hawaii Residency Form also required.
Application for Hot Work Permit Required for any welding or burning operation on a DOBOR-managed property.
Application for Principal Habitation Permit To apply for a liveaboard permit at Keehi or Ala Wai SBH (Oahu only).
Application to Remoor To be submitted when requesting relocation to a different berth in the same harbor.
Application for Temporary Mooring To apply for a temporary mooring while searching for a permanent mooring.
Application for Waitlist To be placed on the waitlist for a mooring in a harbor or offshore mooring.  Proof of Hawaii Residency Form also required.
Proof of Hawaii Residency Form Must be submitted with waitlist and mooring permit applications.
Temporary Absence Application Form Temporary Absence Application Form is required if your vessel will be removed from your slip or offshore mooring for greater than 14 days.
Visiting Vessel Information Form (Fillable PDF) Registration required for foreign, out of state and neighbor island vessels mooring in a DOBOR facility.


Ala Wai RFP Mailing List For notifications regarding the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor Request for Proposals.
Contact Information Update For existing tenants to update contact information.
Gross Receipts Form For tenants to report gross receipts.  NOT FOR Ocean Recreation Commercial Use Permit holders.
Mala Tenant Registration Form Online notification signup for existing tenants at Mala Wharf.
Public Auction Mailing List Application Download, complete, and send to DOBOR Property Management, 4 Sand Island Access Road, Honolulu, HI 96819.
Request for Land Application Application for lease, revocable permit, or easement for State land.


Vessel Auction Sealed Bid Form For submitting a bid on an auctioned vessel.
Marine Event Permit:
Hawaii Marine Event Permit
Kauai Marine Event Permit
Maui Marine Event Permit
Oahu Marine Event Permit
For marine events in state waters.  Submit to the appropriate DOBOR District Office.
Note: District specific.
CG-3865 Boating Accident Report A boating accident report is required by law when there is 1) loss of life; 2) a disappearance of a person; 3) injury beyond first aid (administered on-site), there is 4) a total loss of a vessel or damage exceeds $2,000 (increased from $200 to $2,000 on 12/31/18 per rule amendment).  A diving accident in which the victim willingly left the vessel prior to the accident does not need to be recorded on an CG-3865 accident report form.  Completed forms should be delivered or mailed to the DOBOR Boating Safety Specialist, 4 Sand Island Access Road, Honolulu, HI 96819.  Forms can also be faxed to 808-587-1977 (Attn: Boating Safety Specialist).  On neighbor islands, please deliver forms to the area District Office.
Kailua Pier Parking – Commercial Boater Parking application for commercial boaters with a current permit to operate from the Hawaii District’s Kailua Pier and offshore moorings only.
Kailua Pier Access – Ground Transportation Parking Application for ground transportation operators and free shuttles to coordinate the transportation of cruise ship passengers in Hawaii District’s Kailua Pier only.
Kailua Pier – Maintenance Request Maintenance Request is used to request/report maintenance issues on Hawaii District’s Kailua Pier only.


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