Lahaina Recovery

This page will provide updates to the Lahaina wildfire recovery as it relates to boating, small boat harbors, and boating facilities.
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Additional details available from HI-EMA and the County of Maui.

10/13/23 Updates:

  • The Q&A from the 10/3/23 Zoom meeting is available here.
  • DOBOR issued a letter on 10/11/23 clarifying the status of Mala and Lahaina commercial use permits (CUPs).  The CUPs will be placed in a “holdover” status while Lahaina harbor is rebuilt.  The letter is available here.
  • DOBOR plans to reopen Mala Wharf and Boat Ramp with certain restrictions.  DLNR and the County of Maui issued a Joint News Release on the reopening, available here.  DOBOR’s letter informing boaters about the reopening is available here.

10/4/23 Update:

  • The recording of the 10/3/23 Zoom meeting is available here.  A question & answer listing from the meeting is being prepared and will be posted here once finalized.

9/27/23 Update:

  • DOBOR will be holding a Zoom meeting on October 3, 2023 from 9am to 12pm to follow up from the September 14, 2023 meeting.  This Zoom meeting will be for stakeholders to ask DOBOR and the DLNR Chairperson questions about the commercial use permit process for West Maui.  More information, including the Zoom link, is available here.

9/15/23 Update:

  • DOBOR held a Zoom meeting on September 14, 2023 to update Lahaina and Mala commercial operators on the recovery status and potential accommodations.  Q&A from the meeting is available here.

9/12/23 Updates:

  • DOBOR is collecting responses from Lahaina and Mala boaters regarding the status of their vessel and potential alternative operating sites for commercial operators.  Click here to access the survey.
  • For displaced commercial operators who wish to operate out of an alternative harbor or boating facility, please contact the DOBOR Maui District Office at (808) 243-5824.
  • To access Lahaina Harbor or Mala Wharf, please contact the U.S. Coast Guard at [email protected].  Please be aware that requests are reviewed and approved/denied on a case-by-case basis.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard is providing marine information via the following:

8/28/23 Update:

  • The U.S. Coast Guard has published a West Maui Wildfire Vessel Stakeholder Guide.  The Guide includes various types of information for vessel owners/operators, including details on cleanup and salvage operations, facility access information, and additional contacts.  Click here to view the Guide.

8/21/23 Updates:

  • An Incident Command Center has been formed to coordinate disaster response in Lahaina.  Please be aware that the Incident Command Center makes the final decisions as to disaster response.  Response operations are focused on search & rescue and assisting survivors at this time.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard is in the process of completing their assessment of the harbor and identifying what vessels and debris need to be removed. 
  • American Marine Corporation has been hired to remove the Atlantis submarine and tow boat.
  • All permit fees for Lahaina and Mala, including all regular mooring, offshore mooring, and commercial use permits will be waived until further notice.
  • DOBOR is waiting for FEMA to decide on the Emergency Support Function (ESF) #10 – Oil and Hazardous Materials Response, which provides federal support in response to an actual or potential discharge and/or uncontrolled release of oil or hazardous materials.  For general information about this process, visit:
  • The FEMA ESF #10 will provide the U.S. Coast Guard direction on how to move forward with salvage operations.
  • A Security Zone is still in place and the Incident Command Center is considering opening the Mala Wharf launch ramp.  The main concern is controlling vehicle access into and out of the facility.

8/16/23 Update:

8/11/23 Update: 

  • Lahaina Inner Marginal Wharf repairs, which were anticipated to begin on September 5, 2023, have been postponed indefinitely in light of the wildfire and losses in Lahaina.



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