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On July 1, 2021, DOBOR implemented vessel titling, pursuant to Chapter 200A, Hawaii Revised Statutes.  Vessel titles do not need to be renewed and are valid for the life of the vessel or until ownership is transferred.  All undocumented vessels principally used in Hawaii and not already titled must be titled by September 30, 2022 or will be subject to late fees.  Any person who comes in to renew registration for a non-titled vessel after September 30, 2022 will be charged a late title fee in addition to any other applicable fees.  The total title charge in these cases would be $60.00 ($20.00 title fee + $40.00 late title fee).  Please note that this late fee only applies to registered vessels that were not titled by September 30, 2022; vessels purchased new will not be subject to this late fee.

Part of implementing vessel titling is a transition to a new accounting system.  Online credit card payments will be temporarily disabled during the transition.  Until further notice, all boaters renewing their vessel registration may come in-person to the Vessel Registration and Titling Office on Oahu or the nearest Neighbor Island District Office, or contact the appropriate office to arrange mail-in payment.  More information about vessel titling is available here.

Please download the latest online version of our vessel registration and titling form to see the types of information required to title and/or register a vessel.  Information collected on this updated application will satisfy the requirements to obtain both a title and a registration.  Please note that DOBOR only handles registration and titling of vessels.  Registration of vessel trailers is handled by County DMV offices.  Vessel trailer safety inspections can be performed by the same types of stations that perform vehicle safety inspections.

Vessel registration and titling fees are shown below.  These fees are charged pursuant to Hawaii Administrative Rule Section 13-241-25 (last amended 3/20/21).  Fee amounts provided on this page are for informational purposes only.  For official fees, please see the applicable administrative rules.

Vessel Registration and Titling Fees

New certificate of title


Ownership transfer (includes both title & registration)


New registration for vessels under 20′


Registration renewal for vessels under 20′


New registration for vessels 20′ and longer


Registration renewal for vessels 20′ and longer


Launch ramp use (includes decals)


Replacement certificate of title


Replacement registration card


Replacement registration decals


Replacement ramp decal


Late fees

Note: The late fees shown below are in addition to any other fees charged

Failure to obtain a certificate of title within the time required by law


Failure of new owner to complete an ownership transfer with DOBOR within ten (10) business days after the transfer takes place


Renew expired registration for vessels under 20′


Renew expired registration for vessels 20′ and longer





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