Mandatory Boating Safety Education Q&A

Effective November 10, 2014, all individuals who operate a motorized vessel in Hawaii’s State waters must have taken a state-approved boating safety course and show proof of certification upon demand by law enforcement.  The text of this Mandatory Boater Education Rule is contained in Hawaii Administrative Rule Section 13-244-15.5 (available here).

DOBOR maintains an electronic database of certified boat operators for the State of Hawaii.  Inclusion in this database is optional but is strongly recommended.  Once you have completed your boating safety education course, you may enter your name & information, as well as upload your credentials in the Hawaii Registry of Vessel Operators. All vessel operators in Hawaii ocean waters are required to carry proof of boating safety education certification on board while operating the vessel.  Law enforcement officers may ask to see your proof of certification at any time and may also ask for a photo ID.  Failure to provide valid certification may result in a fine and/or termination of your voyage.  Although you may be in the electronic Registry, Hawaii Administrative Rules require hardcopy certification to be on the boater’s person whenever operating a vessel.

All information submitted to the Registry is never published and will only be accessed by authorized DLNR employees and law enforcement personnel.



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